Professor's 'Scottish Fossils' book published

Professor's 'Scottish Fossils' book published

Scotland's most important, interesting and even controversial fossils are explored in a new book by a University of Aberdeen emeritus Professor.

Scottish Fossils, written by Professor Nigel Trewin, documents 100 specimens – from the Caithness and Angus fossil fish to the dinosaurs on the Isle of Skye – providing insight and history behind the discoveries and their significance.

“Scotland boasts some of the most famous fossil localities in the world, and for a small country, has a remarkable fossil record with almost every period of geological time represented by Scottish localities,” said Professor Trewin. "These localities provide snapshots of the plants and animals that have inhabited Scotland through deep time.

"Specimens have been chosen to present a wide range of fossil plants and animals.  The examples included in this book are chosen both from public museums and from private collections, brought together in a celebration of Scottish fossils. Many of the specimens illustrated are exceptionally rare, even unique, and are normally hidden from public view. Other examples include more common fossils that any collector may hold a reasonable expectation of finding."

The book includes illustrations and descriptions of around a dozen specimens from the Geology Museum’s Palaeontology Collection.

The book was published earlier this month by Dunedin Academic Press. For enquiries email