King's Quarter & Johnston Business School update

King's Quarter & Johnston Business School update

Information about the King's Quarter & Johnston Business School

Dear colleague,

The University has been taking forward planning to create a new home for the Business School and to develop new teaching and learning space in the historic heart of King’s College. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this effort, and in particular the members of the project boards that have been overseeing this planning. The work that has been done by many people will be invaluable in the work that is just getting underway to develop a new Campus Strategy and Masterplan.

Since the King’s and Johnston proposals were announced in 2019 much has changed in the world, including the Covid-19 pandemic and an extended and ongoing period of high inflation and supply chain problems in the construction sector. As a result, the University Court confirmed yesterday that we are not proceeding with the King’s Quarter and Johnston projects.

The different landscape – locally and globally – has prompted a need to reconsider the future requirements of our estate in the context of our Aberdeen 2040 strategy. The development of a new Strategy and Masterplan will be taken forward by the Reimagining Our Campuses project board, which will take a bold and consultative approach towards the future development of our campuses to meet our strategic objectives. These include supporting interdisciplinarity, meeting changing student and staff needs in the post-pandemic world, and supporting our growing student population, notably in terms of taught postgraduate and international.

Providing long-term accommodation for the Business School underpinning its growth ambitions remains a key objective for the new project board. Goals also include how best to embrace the many opportunities afforded by digital transformation and its potential across our estate, and ensuring efficient use of space while enhancing the estate’s energy efficiency.

As well as taking the feedback already provided, staff and student input will be sought in a range of ways, and engagement will also take place with our local, regional and international stakeholders as well as our industrial partners. The board is expected to report its initial findings and recommendations in June next year, and regular updates will be provided as the work progresses.

In the meantime, I would like to thank again everyone involved in discussions and development of the King’s Quarter and Johnston projects.

Best wishes


Karl Leydecker

Senior Vice Principal