Nominations for elected staff members of University Court

Nominations for elected staff members of University Court

Update on University Court nominations

Dear colleagues,

This is a reminder that nominations are open for staff to stand for election to the University Court until 5pm on Tuesday 13 June.

This is a great opportunity for staff, from all levels and backgrounds, to make a difference to how the University is governed and to gain great experience of working at board level.

You can click here to hear from staff member Owen Cox and Senior Governor Julie Ashworth on the many benefits of being a Court member. You’ll also be able to find out more about eligibility and complete the nomination form.

As part of the requirements for a diverse composition of Court, there are two places available: one for an academic member of staff (elected by academic staff) and one for a non-academic member of staff (elected by professional services staff). These roles will commence later in 2023.

What’s involved and why should I stand?

As a member of Court, you will collectively help to set the University's strategic direction and financial priorities and oversee how decisions are made. While Court members as charity trustees must take decisions in the best interests of the institution as a whole, you can help ensure that staff voices are heard at the highest level in the University and bring valuable experience of working in our community to the Court.

Members are expected to attend meetings of Court (normally five a year) and to read papers in advance of meetings. The expected time commitment is around 15-17 days per year and the positions would commence on 1 November 2023 (for a period to 31 July 2026). Induction and training support will be provided.

Whilst the role of a Court member is a significant commitment, it brings with it many positive benefits for an individual on a personal and professional basis. You can find out more on what being a Court member involves here.

Who is eligible and how do I stand for election?

The Court is committed to ensuring its membership better reflects the diversity of the University community and members of staff at all levels and from all backgrounds are encouraged to consider this opportunity to join the Court.

All candidates must be staff who are employed on a salaried contract as at Tuesday 13th June 2023. There are two elections – one for an academic staff member on Court and one for a non-academic staff member. Candidates may stand only in the category of staff of which they are a member, “e.g.”academic staff may only stand for election to the academic staff member position. Candidates must also be proposed and seconded by staff who are members of the same constituency as the one they are standing in.

Staff on maternity or paternity leave are entitled to stand for election as are those absent from work due to ill health, subject to meeting the wider eligibility criteria.

Honorary staff and staff on guaranteed hours and temporary services contracts, are not eligible to stand or vote in the elections.

Elections, if required for either position, are expected to be held between Thursday 29 June and Thursday 6 July when staff will be asked to vote by electronic ballot. Further details on the elections process will be provided to staff nearer to that time.

Our FAQs are available with further information but if you have any additional enquiries then please send them to

Best wishes


Tracey Slaven

University Secretary and Chief Operating Officer 

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