Important information about your data

Important information about your data

Capita cybersecurity incident and data breach

Dear colleague,  

USS - one of the University pension providers - has today disclosed that it has been impacted by the Capita cybersecurity incident and data breach. The UASLAS pension scheme is not affected.

You can read more about the Capita incident here and the USS guidance and news release here. There is no suggestion at this stage of further compromise of USS login accounts or systems. 

In addition to the website information, USS has emailed members a notification to the email address used for registration and login. Please note this may be a personal email address. What should you do?

  • Please review the information and guidance provided by USS on their website and look out for updates.
  • Be extra vigilant and be on the lookout for possible phishing emails or phone calls that claim to be from USS, but are not.
  • For information on how to spot phishing visit the Information Security StaffNet page.

Please contact USS if you have any concerns.

Best wishes, 

Tracey & Brian 

Tracey Slaven, University Secretary & Chief Operating Officer

Brian Henderson, Director of Digital & Information Services