Our facilities available to those impacted by storms

Our facilities available to those impacted by storms

31 January 2022

We recognise that as a consequence of Storm Malik and Storm Corrie some of you may be without power.

Aberdeenshire Council have various helplines and Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks (SEEN) have this update on their response and available welfare facilities.

We have facilities that may be useful to you if you have been impacted:

  • Our shower facilities at both our Old Aberdeen and Foresterhill campuses are available to you and your families if you have been impacted by the bad weather
  • Our catering facilities are also open and can be used

We also have small number of student flats available should any of our community need to temporarily relocate due to storm damage. For more information please contact hillheadstudentvillage@abdn.ac.uk

Please don’t hesitate to use our facilities if you need them - if you have any queries over what is available and where, please contact estates@abdn.ac.uk

Take care and hopefully we have had our share of storms meantime.

Best wishes



Debbie Dyker

Director of People