Sphinx (with head of Bes) from our Museums and Special Collections

Sphinx (with head of Bes) from our Museums and Special Collections

This week, a selection of our Egyptian objects including this limestone sphinx from the Ptolemaic period (ABDUA:21516), will be moving from Copenhagen to Hanover for the next stage in the touring exhibition, Bes. Demon God - Protector of Egypt.

In Ancient Egypt, Bes protected people against all imaginable ills. Bes is easily recognisable. His tongue pokes out of his mouth, his beard resembles a lion’s mane and he has a feather ornament on his head. Bes was present in people’s lives at all levels of Egyptian society, in the homes of both pharaohs and slaves. He provided protection against diseases, took care of pregnant women and frightened children, prevented snake bites, and had the power to scare away enemies.

The exhibition tour has been organised by the Glyptotek in collaboration with the Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam and the Museum August Kestner, Hannover with additional loans from Römer-Pelizaeus Museum Hildesheim, Ägyptisches Museum Leipzig and the University of Aberdeen.

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The exhibit featured can be found at ABDUA:21516