The Sound of Sirens

The Sound of Sirens

An Aberdeen academic has taken his experience of working throughout the pandemic and found a creative way to promote the message that people still need to be cautious about Covid.

Honorary Senior Lecturer in Public Health,  John Mooney collaborated with Dr Clare Pettinger from the University of Plymouth to adapt the classic song, The Sound of Silence, in a bid to stress the message that the virus is still a serious concern.

Mr Mooney said: “I work as a consultant in public health at NHS Grampian and for a number of weeks in early September, there was  a worrying trend of increasing cases.

“The song arouse from a blog article I had published on  Fuse open science blog: The Sound of Sirens. Once I came up with the blog title, it was obvious that it had a high similarity / sound to 'The Sound of Silence' which has always been a song I've greatly admired and enjoyed.

“We definitely do not want to come across as killjoys and advocate another lockdown. Instead, we would ask people to be aware that we are not out of the woods yet. This virus is an unstable and unpredictable adversary and vaccination currently offers the best defence along with sensible infection control such as mask wearing in busy indoor public places and transport where possible.”

The Sound of Sirens is available to view on Dr Pettinger’s YouTube Channel.