New Enquiry Management System for Library, Special Collections and Museums

On 17 August, the Library, Special Collections and Museums services are moving to Freshservice - the enquiry management system used by the IT Service Desk, Finance, and eLearning.

From this date, when you send an enquiry to most email addresses related to these services (e.g.,, you will receive an automated response with a unique ID by return. Enquiries that are still ongoing when we switchover to the system may also receive an automated response and will be handled using the new system from then on.

In preparation for the move, there will be a short interruption to service on these email accounts on 16 August between 15:00-17:00. This means if you send an email during this time, you may receive a bounce back saying the account does not exist. If this happens, please try again after 17:00.

Note that not all service email addresses will be linked to the enquiry management system. The plan going forward is to streamline entry points for staff and students making enquiries by reducing the number of email addresses. We’ll circulate further information in due course.