New Student Online Registration system

New Student Online Registration system

The University's new Student Online Registration system will be implemented on Monday 24 May.

To become a fully registered student at the University of Aberdeen, students need to confirm some personal details and, if applicable, organise how fees will be paid by completing online registration.  

The current system (known as eRegistration or eReg) has been in place for several years now and consequently has several limitations.

The new Student Online Registration system will replace eRegistration. Built into the Student Hub, it will streamline the annual registration process, enhance students’ experience, and enable the decommission of legacy hardware and software.

Students can confirm and change personal details (including data used for HESA returns), and payment of tuition fees. This system will also:

  • Provide a guided pathway through the registration process
  • Deliver a modern, mobile-friendly system for completing registration
  • Improve consistency and accuracy of student data collected
  • Will only display sections that are relevant to a particular student type (eg it will not display the photo-upload screen to returning students, or HESA questions to those that do not need to see them)
  • Ensure students accept University’s Terms & Conditions – the enrolment date is not set until the student has accepted these
  • Provide information to guide the student through various systems that they will need, including links to video guides
  • Provide an admin portal for staff to validate or verify data provided during registration
  • Provide help for students via built-in Chat

This launch is Phase 1 of the project. Phase 2 will continue to improve upon the minimum specifications of Phase 1 and include provision for a modern photo upload system for new students.


Author: Project Management Team, DDIS