Top tips working from home - Lindsay Hamilton

This week, Lindsay Hamilton from HR shares her top tips working from home.

I have always been an early starter, but pre-lockdown I was up and racing around getting myself and daughters ready without pausing for breath. I now enjoy having my morning coffee in total silence before anyone in my house wakes up. It gives me a chance to think about my to do list for the day with a clear head.

My two daughters (Evelyn and Anna) will ask for about 100 snacks a day!! We have been experimenting with new dips (humous, beetroot, courgette to name a few)  to eat with vegetables which helps us from reaching for the biscuit tin.

This has been said before, but it is important to get away from your desk in-between meetings. Pre lockdown, even if I had days that were full of meetings,  they would usually be in different locations so I would be up and moving about. I now try and make sure wherever possible that I either get out for a quick walk or another coffee in the garden in-between meetings.

I am a very late comer to this but now love podcasts, I find that even getting 15 minutes to listen to one provides a form of escapism from the daily routine!