Pure, University Research Information System

Pure, University Research Information System

Discovery workshops:  These workshops will look at the basic functions of Pure and explore some of the common tasks, including data entry, searching for content, creating CV style reports and setting automatic imports. The workshop will also cover the support and guidance available to all users.

Topics that will be covered during the session include:

  • Introduction to Pure
  • Synchronisations and Imported Information (where the data comes from).
  • Your Profile (what to add, edit, and update).

Suitable for:

  • all new research or research support staff, and
  • academics and administrators who haven’t used Pure in a while.

Dates and Times

  • 1 Aug    Crombie A03      Old Aberdeen    11-12
  • 6 Aug    Polwarth 1:029  Foresterhill         10-11
  • 29 Aug  Crombie A03      Old Aberdeen    11-12
  • 17 Sept Polwarth 1:029  Foresterhill         10-11
  • 19 Sept Crombie A03      Old Aberdeen    11-12

Please contact Nykohla Strong for more details or register here.