Information Security campaign

Information Security campaign

To help raise awareness of information security threats, we’re launching a year-round campaign.

About the threat

Information security threats from a wide range of sources – including serious organised crime and ideologically motivated organisations – are becoming more prevalent, ambitious and sophisticated.

From targeted attempts to disrupt the University’s core network through to more general attempts to obtain valuable and personal information from our systems and users, managing these threats is central to the success of the University.

What we’re doing about it

Information security is a shared responsibility and while we’re working hard to ensure that the right policies, procedures and technical solutions are in place, the most important element in helping keep our information safe is you!

With this in mind, we are launching a year-round campaign that will help raise awareness of the risks we face and the precautions we should all be taking to keep ourselves and our data safe.

We’ll focus on a different topic each month. In February for example we’ll be talking about Social Engineering – what it is and how to protect yourself.

So, whether you are a member of staff, a student or a researcher, watch this space!


Author: IT Security team