Ally - teaching materials and copyright

To guard against students infringing UK copyright legislation when using Ally, make sure you only offer teaching materials created internally in alternative formats.

The recent implementation of Ally within MyAberdeen has made it much easier for staff to create accessible teaching materials for their students. However, by offering students the means of creating alternative file formats we need to guard against the very real possibility that students may infringe UK copyright legislation.

What can I do to prevent this happening?

To guard against this:

  • Only offer teaching materials created internally in alternative formats.
  • Make sure you disable the facility to download alternative formats for ALL files containing third-party copyright material – for example, scanned extracts from printed sources or pdf copies of journal articles downloaded from digital resources that you have made available in MyAberdeen under the terms of the CLA licence.

What about students with a disability who require alternative formats of copyright material?

Students with a disability will not be disadvantaged, as the University already makes extensive provisions to cater for their specific and individual requirements.

Further resources

Find out more about using copyright material on MyAberdeen in our Toolkit resource.