Development of Learning Analytics Policy and Open Sessions with Staff

Development of Learning Analytics Policy and Open Sessions with Staff

We are currently investigating the role that Learning Analytics could play in supporting students.

Analysing student learning activity data may provide insights to staff and students about their learning and engagement. Many colleagues will already manually review different datasets to identify students who may require extra support, are struggling, or do not appear to be engaging. Learning Analytics could help with earlier identification and more targeted interventions.

A step-change in the use of data across the sector means many other Higher Education Institutions are using student data for Learning Analytics, allowing them to drive and direct student support to where it is most needed. As an Institution priding itself on the provision of an outstanding student experience, we are exploring whether Learning Analytics could be used to enhance our ability to support students in achieving academic success. 

The development of a strong policy that clearly defines the values and related principles for the implementation and use of Analytics is an essential component of this work. This includes consideration for privacy; how students will be engaged and informed; and safeguards around the use of data. The use of data in this way is relatively new and must be very carefully and transparently managed. This policy will define the framework for the use of student data for Learning Analytic purposes in an ethical, fair and appropriate manner. Additional strategic and procedural guidelines would also be developed to support the implementation of this policy and any system.

We are actively seeking feedback from colleagues on this draft policy and invite you to a number of open sessions to discuss and provide feedback. To facilitate the running of these events, we would encourage you to sign up to these sessions in advance.

Wednesday 24 October, 1-2pm, A21, Taylor Building, Kings Campus (105 places)

These sessions will be recorded and made available.

Further information is available from Professor Peter Mcgeorge, Vice Principal for Education, (, ex 2248) and Dr Steve Tucker, Retention Task Force Convener (, ex 7491).