Woodworkers seek new recruits for evening classes

Woodworkers seek new recruits for evening classes

Woodworkers at the University of Aberdeen are gearing up for a new set of classes starting soon.

Over the last two years Allan Fyfe has been leading evening classes in the University’s MacRobert Building, following a fire that destroyed his original business at Lethenty Mill near Inverurie.  Classes now run on Friday evenings and applications are open.

The classes focus on traditional hand tools such as planes, chisels and saws, offering a rare opportunity to learn basic woodworking skills.

Participants can build a piece of vernacular furniture designed in Scottish traditional styles, such as a creepie stool or a sma’ kist (small chest).  All equipment and materials are provided.

Staff from the University’s Department of Anthropology also support the classes.  Dr Jo Vergunst has carried out research into local craft and woodworking and is keen to meet novices or more advanced woodworkers.

“This is a great hobby that allows people to learn a lot about such a common material, and connect with a traditional way of making things,” he said.

Mr Fyfe added: “Our classes are helping to keep the skills of woodworking alive in the North East.

“The facilities at the University of Aberdeen are ideal for our purposes and we’re very grateful that we can use them.”

For more information on the classes, please contact Allan at info@lethenty-mill.com or Jo at j.vergunst@abdn.ac.uk