University welcomes languages alumni

The Careers Service and the School of LLMVC welcomed languages alumni to the University this week. The guests spoke to existing students about their career journeys and provided helpful information around skills development and work experience possibilities.

“We were delighted to be able to host graduates from companies such as East Coast Oil and Gas, PwC, International House, Tefl UK, Aberdeen City Council, NHS Grampian, Aberdeen Journals, the University of Aberdeen and Enterprise Rent A Car. Students respond very well to the stories of recent graduates and enjoy the format of these events being able to ask questions in a very honest way about what the graduates do and how they, as future graduates, can develop the skills which will impress employers” Janice Montgomery, Senior Careers Adviser.

“It was so helpful to speak to alumni about graduate schemes and how they heard about the opportunities because I have very little idea about these things before” 3rd year languages student. Students praised the variety of speakers and the relaxed environment so even the most shy student could benefit from this kind of opportunity. Ed Welch, Head of School spoke about the invaluable contribution made by these alumni to the career management of existing students. “It was extraordinarily good to have such a range of alumni present – from marketing to management through teaching English as a Foreign Language and Human resources. Alumni shared their stories very openly – even when their route had been circuitous and persistence and resilience were key to their success. Our students need to know this and access the available help through departments like the Careers Service to plan early and embrace every opportunity”.