Managing our coasts: new book showcases latest research from leading experts

The use of drone technology to combat coastal erosion is one of a number of topics explored in a new book co-authored by a leading expert in the field from the University of Aberdeen.

Dr David Green’s textbook - Marine and Coastal Resource Management - Principles and Practice – is a comprehensive overview of a multidisciplinary subject that covers physical and human geography, marine biology and fisheries, planning and surveying, law, spatial technologies, environmental change, engineering, and tourism.

Dr Green, who heads the Aberdeen Institute for Coastal Science and Management (AICSM), has been carrying out drone mapping of saltmarshes and coastal areas as part of a project led by Scottish Natural Heritage to chart coastal erosion. 

This work - along with many other examples of academic research, including work carried out at the University of Aberdeen on the legal aspects of marine spatial planning - are featured in the book, which is co-edited by Jeffrey L. Payne from the US Office for Coastal Management.

Commenting on the work, Dr Green said: “This is a new and highly original textbook with each chapter written by an international authority and expert in their respective field.

“As well as looking at the fundamental subject areas that underpin marine and coastal resource management, it draws on the work we have undertaken in AICSM on technologies that help map, monitor and model the marine and coastal environment.

“The management and sustainability of our seas has rapidly grown in importance in recent years, as governments look to find ways to effectively manage precious resources in the face of problems caused by erosion, pollution and climate change.

“Few if any books aimed at students and practitioners have attempted to provide such a comprehensive overview of these issues in a single volume, and I’d like to thank all those who have contributed towards this important piece of work.”

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