New interactive voting software - OMBEA

New interactive voting software - OMBEA

This summer, following successful trials, we replaced InterWrite PRS with OMBEA Response - the online audience response system.


What are the benefits of OMBEA?

OMBEA Response allows students to use their own hand-held devices (e.g. phones, tablets, laptops etc.) to interact with your lecture - in class or remotely - within pre-determined time periods.

A browser-based system, it can be used on any internet enabled device; so students can read your questions on their own devices as well as on the main lecture theatre display.

And it’s simple to add OMBEA interactive slides to your PowerPoint presentation. The software enables everything from simple questions to advanced group analysis.

The system can be made anonymous and, by including a suitably designed question, you can record attendance if required.

Detailed analysis of responses can be made visible to students or kept hidden, and is available to you both during and after the session.

How does this affect me?

You’ll need to register before using OMBEA for this first time. This is a one off registration. Please contact Media Services –

If you previously used InterWrite PRS for polling, you will have to convert your existing slides to OMBEA. See our Getting Started guide.

Look out for the new Desktop icon!

OMBEA desktop icon

I haven’t used audience response software before. Where can I find out more?

Visit our eLearning web pages to find out more about OMBEA.

OMBEA is free and is available to all members of staff via the Software Center.

For help using OMBEA, please contact the Service Desk in the first instance –