Petya Ransomware Attack

This week's ransomware attack, Petya, which hit Ukrainian bank and government systems, is now affecting major companies across Europe and the US.

The full scale of the attack and the damage is has caused is still being investigated.

Has the University of Aberdeen been affected?

Petya has not hit the University of Aberdeen. It is now increasingly unlikely that it will spread to our network as Microsoft and anti-virus providers have issued security updates to fix system vulnerabilities and to detect this ransomware.

However, it is still extremely important to be on your guard for potential threats.

What should I do if I think I’m a victim of ransomware?

If you think you have become a victim of a ransomware attack, contact IT Services at or at 01224 273636.

How can I protect myself and my data from ransomware attacks?

We have compiled a short and handy list of tips and advice to help you stay safe.

  1. Unless you are completely certain about an email’s authenticity:
    • Do not open attachments
    • Do not click on links
    • Do not download file
    • Remember: When in doubt, throw it out!
  2. Ensure you backup your important data.
    • IT Services provides resilient, backed up, and managed network storage across the University. This is backed up daily and is the safest place to store your data and files.
  3. Keep your operating system and antivirus software on personal devices up-to-date.
    • University systems are updated automatically.

Where can I go for more guidance?

For further advice, hints and tips, see our IT Security resources on Learners’ Toolkit at