Prof Cleland joins international education/economist group

Prof Cleland joins international education/economist group

Professor Jennifer Cleland has been invited to join an international group of educationalists and economists that drives forward inter-disciplinary work to inform decision-making in healthcare education.

The international Society for Cost and Value in Health Professions Education (SCVHPE) is a small group consisting of experts from Australasia, North America and Europe.

“Healthcare and health professions education share many of the same problems in decision making,” Professor Cleland explained.

“In both cases, there is a finite amount of resources, and choices need to be made between alternatives.

“Using economics analyses to inform decision-making has become standard practice within healthcare, through the field of health economics, and yet it is only beginning to emerge in health professions education.” 

Jen was invited to join the group on the basis of her work applying health economics models to medical education, which is carried out in collaboration with the Health Economics Research Unit (HERU), University of Aberdeen. 

The SCVHPE met in London in March 2017 to plan collaborative projects and position papers.