Online Development Steps

Online Development Steps

Outline of Steps for Online Development

This page highlights the main steps to get a course or programme online.  If you have a programme or a course which you wish to go online, you should aim to follow these steps.  This diagram groups these steps into stages, starting with Design followed by Development, Quality Assurance and Delivery.

Course Development Process diagram

The sections below detail what action should be taken in the Design stage, who to contact and what to do next.  

Programme Development Process

If you have a programme or a course which you wish to go online, you should aim to follow these steps.

  1. Identify the programme/course to go online
  2. Discuss with relevant people within your School
    • Gain approval from your Head of School
  3. Contact your School Marketing Representative regarding the viability of your programme/course going online and identification of potential students
  4. Write a business case (if a programme, no requirement if a stand alone course)
  5. Arrange a programme review meeting to:
    • Discuss your programme ethos, aims and learning outcomes
    • Identify key personnel involved in going online (i.e. the programme team)
    • Course lists, titles, credit, etc
    • Integrate relevant assessments throughout the programme
Course Development Process
  1. Develop a storyboard for each course
    • Similar to the programme review process
    • Identifying learning outcomes, topics, activities and assessments
  2. Discuss requirements with Centre for Academic Development (who can facilitate above programme review and storyboard sessions)
  3. Complete the relevant forms/process on the Curriculum Management System
  4. Once your proposal has been approved to go online please ensure the following are aware of the new programme/course
  5. Create a project plan, for example work back from the date you wish to go online
  6. Have regular meetings and set a deadline