Course concerns

If you feel you are struggling with your course, or think you might be falling behind in your studies it is important to talk to someone. For specific course content issues, for example if you have missed tutorials or are struggling with course content, you should contact your course coordinator(s) in the first instance. If you are unsure who your course co-ordinator is please refer to your course handbook or the Undergraduate Catalogue of Courses or Postgraduate Catalogue of Courses

Programme concerns

If you are worried about your studies more generally, or feel that you are not progressing as well with your studies as you would like, you should contact your Regent (UG Medicine Students only), Supervisor (Postgraduate's only) or the Duty Registry Officer (all other Undergraduates) in the first instance. 

Study skills

The Student Learning Service offers a range of services and online resources to help you in your studies. There are bookable workshops and study advice sessions, including dyslexia study advice sessions.

Unsure who to approach first?

Registry staff can be a good first point of call and source of support to students who have concerns about their programme of study. Whilst they can't provide academic advice, they can advise on (i) who to see, (ii) where to go and (iii) what to do if, for example, you have failed exams, want to switch courses, are unsure if you are qualified to progress to the next year of study and so on. They can also advise on and help you to interpret the regulations for your programme of study. Your School Office is also a good first point of contact for advice.

Support for Study Policy

The Support for Study policy is a supportive way of assisting the small number of students whose behaviour gives cause for concern. It offers an alternative to disciplinary action when a student’s behaviour may be affected by a health condition or disability.  Details of the policy can be found here.

Language Centre

Contact the Language Centre for advice and guidance with English Language skills or if you are looking to learn an entirely new language.