Face covering and testing changes

Message to students

Dear student,

As you may be aware the legal requirement to wear face coverings in many indoor settings in Scotland ends on Monday (18 April).

In light of this, there will no longer be a requirement to wear face coverings in University buildings. This includes teaching spaces and the libraries.

The exception to this is healthcare settings where coverings are still required. This means they will still be needed in the teaching areas of the Suttie Centre and Dental School. Please heed local guidance in these areas.

You are free to take your time to become comfortable with this change and to consider Scottish Government guidance on the use of face coverings which recommends that coverings should continue to be worn where appropriate - including in indoor crowded spaces and on public transport. 

We have a wrist band scheme that lets you signal your feelings on distancing to those around you – red indicates ‘I like to keep a safe distance’, orange means ‘I’m ok with talking but not touching’ and green is ‘I’m ok with hugs and high fives’.  Bands are available from public places across campus.

Testing changes

Also, from Monday (18 April), people without Covid-19 symptoms no longer need to take regular lateral flow tests (LFTS).

Free LFTs will also no longer be widely available unless these are needed for visits to specified settings such as clinical care.

Until the end of April people with symptoms should still isolate and get a PCR test. Vaccinated close contacts of people who are positive should also continue to test daily for seven days with LFTs.

After 30 April, test sites will close, and you will no longer be advised to test. Public health advice for those feeling unwell will be to stay to stay at home until they feel better.

LFTs at Butchart Recreation Centre on University Road ends today (Friday 15 April) and PCR testing will also stop at the end of this month.

Finally, from Monday (18 April) we will also stop using our covid reporting tool and all absences will follow the absence reporting practice.

I hope you find some time to relax over the weekend.

Best wishes,


Professor Ruth Taylor

Vice-Principal (Education)

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