MFDs and Printers

About printing at Aberdeen

The University has a managed print and copy service: we pay our contractor, Konica Minolta, for the supply and maintenance of multi-function devices (MFDs) and printers. This is a highly cost effective and environmentally-friendly way of providing printing capability to our students, staff, and visitors.

Note: We are replacing all desktop and non-contracted printers with Konica Minolta devices. Printers that are no longer needed or economical will be withdrawn. If you believe you need to retain your non-contracted or desktop printer because it is critical to your job, please submit an Exception Request Form - this document also includes guidance on criteria.

About MFDs and printers

All printing on campus is via networked multi function devices (MFDs) and printers. These contracted devices are located across the University campuses.

When printing on campus, you send your output to a holding queue. You can then print from this queue at any MFD or printer. To print your output, use your ID card or login to the printer with your username and password.

  • MFDs are capable of copying and scanning as well as printing selected items from your print queue. Default settings are double-sided, black and white A4 printing. Some MFDs also offer colour and/or A3 printing.
  • Printers print ALL of the items from your print queue. Default settings are double-sided, black and white A4 printing. Some printers also offer colour print options.

You can also use our WebPrint service to upload or email your files to the University’s print queues from your tablet, mobile phone or laptop when you're on the move. Then all you have to do is print your documents on any networked MFD or printer.

User Guides

For full guidance on printing, copying, scanning, and setting up laptops to print, see our Guides in Learners' Toolkit.

MFDs - the basics

1. How do I login to the MFD? I don’t see a card reader?

The MFD card reader is located on the front panel, just below the touch screen, and is indicated by a LOG IN sticker.

  • To login to the MFD, simply hold your ID card against the LOG IN sticker.
  • You can also login by typing your username and password into the appropriate text boxes on the touch screen.

image showing location of card reader

2. How do I log out?

  • If you have been printing, press the Menu button, then the green Log Out button. These are located on the right of the touch screen.
  • If you have been copying or scanning, simply press the green Log Out button.

image showing log out button

3. Where is the Start button?

To activate an MFD function – e.g. to start printing a job, or to start copying:

  • Press the blue start button located below the touch screen.

Ordering Paper

Order paper direct from Office Depot via the Finance System. Use Subproject CF10287-15 and account 4205. Product codes for paper as follows:

  • 5226498 - FSC4 Recycled Bright White A4 (per box)
  • 5226489 - Recycled Bright White A3 (per ream)

Note: Delivery days are Monday and Thursday. Your order must be approved and sent to Office Depot by 5pm on Friday for a Monday delivery, and 5pm Wednesday for a Thursday delivery.

Visitor Printing

Proximity cards are available for visitors and temporary staff – see Charges.

Reporting Faults

If you encounter any kind of fault with an MFD or printer – be it with card readers, low toner, or mechanical failure – you should report it directly to the Service Desk. You will be asked a set of questions to help us ensure that your call is dealt with appropriately.

Contact the Service Desk by email at, or via the Self Service interface.


You have a printing budget from which charges for all printing and copying are deducted. Current charges are listed in our Learners' Toolkit Quick Guide to Printing.

Staff and Research Postgraduates

Your department may pay for your printing costs. Please check whether your department requires a limit to be set on your printing. Printing charges are billed to your department quarterly.

Visitors or Temporary Staff

Proximity cards for MFDs and Printers

Proximity cards are available that allow temporary staff and visitors to use the MFDs and printers on campus.

There are two types of card:

  • Count Down cards. You can purchase these in values of £10, eg £10, £20, £30, etc. Charges for printing and photocopying are deducted automatically from the total value on the card each time it is used.
  • Count Up cards. These have no value associated with them. Instead, the budget code allocated to the card is charged each time the card is used.

By default, both types of card cover the cost of photocopying. There is no charge for scanning.

If your temporary member of staff or visitor will also be using their card for printing, we will need to set up a generic user account to ensure that their guest login details (userID and password) match the information on the card.

How to purchase Count Down cards

  • Raise a Purchase Order and send it to Lynne Kirton ( or Nicola Gray (
  • You can request as many cards as you need on one Purchase Order (PO)
  • Please state if the cards are to be used for printing (in addition to photocopying)
  • Supply the name and location of the person who will have overall responsibility for the cards

Once the cash value on the card has been used up, you can top it up again if you wish. Simply send a Purchase Order to Lynne Kirton ( or Nicola Gray ( providing the 8 digit ID on the card.

How to request Count Up cards

Send an email with the following details to Lynne Kirton ( or Nicola Gray (

  • Your name and department
  • Total number of cards required
  • Please state if the cards are to be used for printing (in addition to photocopying)
  • The details of the person who will have overall responsibility for the cards – name, department/section, address to send cards to (they are sent via registered internal mail)
  • A valid budget code to charge photocopying and, if required, printing to
    • Note: You should check with your Departmental Finance Person that a budget code has been set up already, as new codes cannot be added

Lost or misplaced cards

If a card is lost or misplaced, please inform Lynne Kirton ( or Nicola Gray ( immediately so that we can cancel the card. This applies especially to Count Up cards which, if found and used by a third party, will continue to accrue charges to the budget code allocated to it.

Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate Students

In most cases, students pay for their own printing. Each student has a printing budget from which charges for all printing and copying are deducted. As long as their budget remains in credit they can print. Students use the online PrintManage utility to check and top up their balance.

Subsidising student printing budgets

It may occasionally be appropriate to credit the printing budgets of some students; for example a student who has specific printing requirements for project work, or a student visiting from another University. In such cases:

  • raise a Purchase Order and send it to Lynne Kirton ( or Nicola Gray (
  • include details of student and their ID card number
  • supply the name and location of the person who has approved the credit
Braille Embosser

A Braille embosser is located in the Edward Wright building.

In order for the embosser to correctly produce readable Braille from a Word document, it is essential the document is formatted correctly. For advice on preparing documents for embossing, please see fact sheet Producing Documents for Braille Embossing on the Assistive Technology website. Alternatively, contact one of our Assistive Technology Advisers, contact details below.

Once your document is correctly formatted, you should email it as an attachment to, requesting that it be embossed. Embossing Braille documents is charged in the same way as printing. Please let know who should be charged.

Your embossed Braille document can be collected from IT Service Desk, Edward Wright Building (ground floor, block A).

For more information about the Braille embosser, contact the Assistive Technology Advisers on +44 (0) 1224 273336 or by email at

Large Format

Many MFDs on campus can print up to A3 in colour.

For printing over A3 – ie A2, A1 and A0 (research posters, for example) – please contact:


Medical Illustration Graphics Service
Ground floor,
Polwarth Building,
tel: +44 (0) 1224-437051 (from ARI – 767051)

Old Aberdeen:

UniPrint Reprographics Service
23 St Machar Drive,
Old Aberdeen
tel: +44 (0) 1224-272594

Note there is a charge for this service.