Military Education Committee

Military Education Committee

Responsible for: 

  • Providing and developing formal and informal links between the University of Aberdeen, Robert Gordon University and the Service Units in which students of the two universities are eligible to serve: Aberdeen Universities Officer Training Corps and the East of Scotland Air Squadron. (The Royal Naval Unit would be included should it return to having a presence in Aberdeen in the future);
  • Encouraging and promoting the broader personal and leadership development skills gained through engagement with the Service Units and particularly their linkage to graduate development and employability;
  • Advising the Universities on military matters, both local and otherwise;
  • Ensuring that the time spent by students within the Service Units is not to the detriment of their academic progress, that their academic welfare is safeguarded and that an appropriate duty of care is exercised in respect of such participation;
  • Ensuring that Universities policies and related legislation are, as far as practicable, maintained within the Service Units;
  • Liaising with the Council of Military Education Committees as appropriate.


Composition & Membership

Convener: Convenorship sits with University of Aberdeen from August 2022 to August 2025
Clerk: Clerking is covered by University of Aberdeen until August 2025

The University of Aberdeen

  • Three academic members of staff
  • Director of People
  • Head of Careers and Employability Service

The Robert Gordon University

  • Three academic members of staff
  • Director of Student Life
  • Head of Careers Service

Student Members

  • Student Officer for Education, Aberdeen University Students' Association
  • Student President (Education and Welfare), RGU: Union
  • One student representative from Aberdeen Universities' Officer Training Corps (AUOTC)
  • One student representative from East of Scotland Universities' Air Squadron (ESUAS)

Co-opted Members

  • Commanding Officer, AUOTC
  • Officer Commanding, ESUAS
  • Commander, 51 Brigade
  • Chief Executive, Highland Reserve Forces and Cadet Association (RFCA)
  • University Liaison Officer, Royal Air Force

Quorum: 50%

Convener:  To rotate on a 3 yearly basis between the University of Aberdeen and Robert Gordon University.

Clerk:  To rotate on a 3 yearly basis between the University of Aberdeen and Robert Gordon University.


Meeting Dates