Enterprise & Innovation Committee

Enterprise & Innovation Committee

The Enterprise & Innovation Committee (EIC) was established in March 2023 with the purpose of promoting knowledge exchange, innovation and commercialisation and oversee its effective promotion both internally and externally.

The Committee meets three times per year and reports to SMT.


Terms of Reference

  1. To promote knowledge exchange, innovation and commercialisation within the University as part of the wider impact agenda, and oversee its effective promotion both internally and externally.

  2. To monitor and review strategy, policies, and procedures relating to knowledge exchange, enterprise, innovation and commercialisation (including exploitation of IP) and to recommend, subject to appropriate consultation, necessary revisions for approval by SMT and in the case of strategic matters, the University Court.

  3. To ensure that the University’s strategy and implementation in this area adopts best practice and adapts to international, national and regional initiatives maximising the benefit to the University.

  4. To recommend the definition and adoption of a series of performance indicators to track University performance in this area for approval by SMT and ultimately the University Court.

  5. To oversee the entrepreneurial campus agenda at the University, liaising with other University committees or groups as required to ensure students have opportunities to develop entrepreneurial behaviours, attributes and skills across the curriculum and extra-curriculum, and that appropriate facilities and support structures are in place.

  6. To oversee the development and operation of an enterprise and innovation development programme to support staff to engage with industry or to develop commercial exploitation routes for their research.

  7. To raise awareness of funding streams to support enterprise and innovation activity (including KTP awards, Innovation Vouchers, Innovate UK competitions) and to monitor institutional performance around all forms of knowledge exchange, contract research and other forms of commercialisation income.

  8. To act as a focal point for the development and recommendation (to the appropriate body/person) of large scale, institutionally significant bids for external funding in the area covered by the Committee.

  9. To oversee development of the narrative components of the Knowledge Exchange Concordat and to monitor institutional performance against the Concordat.

  10. To monitor the performance of existing strategic partnerships between the University and business, and to promote the formation of others.

  11. To provide advice on prioritising the allocation of innovation funding (e.g. the University Innovation Fund) with cross reference to the University Research Committee; and to monitor and report to the appropriate external bodies as required of any such funding.

  12. To advise on the Knowledge Exchange aspects of the SFC Outcome Agreement and the annual University Innovation Fund report.

  13. To monitor and review statutory returns, including HESA Higher Education Business-Community Interaction (HEBCI) data relating to enterprise and innovation.

  14. To receive an annual report from the StartUp and SpinOut Panel (SUSOP).

  15. To actively engage with Senate as necessary ensuring an effective flow of information in both directions.


Composition and Membership 2023-24

Composition Membership

Chair - Vice-Principal (Regional Engagement)

Professor Peter Edwards

Vice-Principal (Research)

Professor Nicholas Forsyth

Director of Research & Innovation

Dr Elizabeth Rattray

Head of Enterprise & Innovation


Dean for Enterprise & Innovation

Dr Heather Morgan

Dean for Employability & Entrepreneurship

Professor John Barrow

Dean for Impact and Engagement 

Professor Michelle MacLeod

AUSA Student Representative

Vanessa Mabonso Nzolo (AUSA President)

12 x School Enterprise & Innovation Champions

  • Dr John Baird, School of Biological Sciences
  • Dr Adam Smith, Business School
  • Dr Hans Hones, School of Divinity, History, Philosophy and Art History
  • Dr Andrew McLaughlin, School of Education
  • Dr Prashant Jadhawar, School of Engineering
  • Dr Stephen Bowden, School of Geosciences
  • Professor Suk-Jun Kim, School of Language, Literature, Music & Visual Culture
  • Dr Gloria Alvarez, School of Law
  • Dr Soumya Palliyil, School of Medicine, Medical Sciences & Nutrition
  • Dr Raja Akram, School of Natural & Computing Science
  • Dr Oliver Hamlet, School of Psychology
  • Dr John Bone, School of Social Science

In Attendance

Other internal and external representatives on an ad hoc basis, as required to support the work of the committee

Clerk Dr Barbara Gorgoni


The quorum is 50% of the formal membership (including the Chair) and a minimum of 8 E&I Champions.

Agendas & Schedule

E&I Committee meetings AY 2023-24 

  • 18 September 2023
  • 19 December 2023
  • 17 April 2024



EIC Agenda 17 April 2024.pdf

EIC Agenda 19 Dec 2023.pdf

EIC Agenda 18 Sep 2023.pdf


EIC Agenda 13 June 2023.pdf

EIC Agenda 21 March 2023.pdf