Remit, Membership and Composition

  • To oversee and have accountability for the development and delivery of the University’s Digital Strategy;
  • To approve and monitor use of funds specifically allocated to deliver projects or initiatives which support  the University’s Digital Strategy;
  • To initiate and coordinate the different digital transformation projects being undertaken within the University;
  • To horizon scan for new developments which could enhance the University’s Digital Strategy, help meet the University’s strategic aims and enable it to better differentiate itself;
  • To provide an overview of relevant budgets, staffing and other resources so that maximum benefit is obtained from existing resources, and to identify where gaps in resources are hindering progress;
  • To provide oversight and governance of all digital transformation projects, to monitor progress and identify where issues may be emerging, and to ensure solutions are being applied to those issues;
  • To be aware of, and inform all relevant parties (especially the University Senior Management Team), of the implications when issues emerge on different projects;
  • To identify, monitor and control all significant risks, at portfolio level, which threaten the University’s digital transformation objectives;
  • To ensure the University has the capability and structures to deliver its Digital Strategy;
  • To actively promote, in collaboration with the University Information Governance Committee, best practice in Information Governance;
  • To provide regular progress reports to the Policy and Resources Committee.

Full Remit and Composition