Student Recruitment Committee

Student Recruitment Committee

Date of Establishment

Change of name from Student Recruitment and Admissions Committee (2014 to 2019 – SRAC) to Student Recruitment Committee (SRC) with effect from March 2019.

Convener & Administrative Support Area

Chair: Alan Speight, Vice-Principal (Global Engagement)

Clerk: Caitlin Gunn, Digital Marketing Officer


Committee with primary responsibility for the development and monitoring of implementation of the University’s strategy and policy for student recruitment across the University, in support of the University’s student recruitment and admissions objectives.  It works closely with the University Education Committee in ensuring the University’s offerings are attractive to the market.

Remit: (To be reviewed annually at first meeting of committee cycle)

Responsible for:

  • Oversight of the development and implementation of long-term strategy, policy, planning, and process relating to all undergraduate and postgraduate student recruitment and admissions (including online, transnational education partnerships and English Language provision)
  • Supporting the achievement of student intake targets
  • Managing how we meet the terms of SFC grant including Outcome Agreement commitments relating to student numbers/admission and avoidance of over-recruitment against the University's SFC-limit for Scottish full-time undergraduates
  • Development and implementation of the University’s widening access strategy
  • Recommending tuition fee levels, scholarships, recruitment packages and incentives (including accommodation and fee waivers) for all levels of study
  • Development and implementation of marketing strategy, including market research and analysis to inform and feed into School Plans
  • Reporting and making recommendations to Senior Management Team, University Management Group, Policy & Resources Committee, and other bodies as appropriate regarding student recruitment and admissions issues
  • Review of student recruitment-related risks and action plans in place to mitigate these, recommending and implementing new actions
  • To establish and disestablish sub-committees or working groups to support the work of the Committee
  • Liaise with academic areas and Schools
  • Oversight and monitoring of international advice and compliance matters related to international students.
Composition and membership

A nominee may represent a Member if they are unable to attend.

Committee Members:

Vice-Principal (Global Student Recruitment) – Chair Alan Speight
Head of School representatives Chris Collins
  Dave Muirhead
  Greg Gordon
  David McGloin
  John Skatun
School Administration Manager Julie Timms
School Administration Manager Rhona Moore
Dean, PGR School Nominee Vacant
University Secretary & Chief Operating Officer Tracey Slaven
Director of Student Recruitment  Ashar Ehsan
Director of Planning Hulda Sveinsdottir
President of the Students Association/nominee Vanessa Mabonso Nzolo

In attendance as required:

Deputy Director of Student Recruitment Megan McFarlane
Head of Marketing & Brand Development Fiona Morrison
Head of International Student Recruitment Joe Whimster
Head of Admissions Carol Baverstock
Dean, Portfolio Development and Programme Engagement Anne-Michelle Slater
Dean for International Student Recruitment Srinivas Sriramula
Immigration and Compliance Team Sharon Cassidy
Head of Online Education Rob Cummins
Director of Academic Services and Online Education Gillian Mackintosh


Quorum: 50% of formal membership (including Ex Officiis).

 Account to be taken of Equality and Diversity in membership

Reporting Line

Formal reporting line:

  • Policy and Resources Committee


  • Access & Articulation Committee
  • Fees & Scholarships Committee
  • Opportunities & Development Committee
  • Online Education & Development Committee
  • Outreach & Engagement Committee
  • Programme Management Committee
  • Product Development Groups
  • Task & Finish Groups

Interface with other committees:

  • University Education Committee
Frequency and Timing of Meetings
  • Meetings to take place approximately every 6-8 weeks.
  • Meetings between 9.30-16.30 in accordance with University Policy.
Distribution of papers for information
  • All Heads of School
  • All School Administrative Managers
  • Senior Vice-Principal
  • University Secretary
Date establishment of committee approved

December 2019, approved by Senior Management Team (SMT)

Date TBC approved by Policy & Resources Committee