Responsible for:

  • Oversight of the development and implementation of long-term strategy, policy, planning and process relating to all undergraduate and postgraduate student recruitment and admissions (including online, transnational education partnerships and English Language provision)
  • Supporting the achievement of student intake targets
  • Managing how we meet the terms of SFC grant including Outcome Agreement commitments and avoidance of over-recruitment against the University's SFC-limit for Scottish/EU full-time undergraduates
  • Development and implementation of the University‚Äôs widening participation strategy
  • Recommending tuition fee levels, scholarships, recruitment packages and incentives (including accommodation and fee waivers) for all levels of study
  • Development and implementation of marketing strategy, including market research and analysis to inform and feed into School Plans
  • Setting up and monitoring of recruitment-related collaboration and domestic and international articulation agreements, study pathways and student progression opportunities
  • Reporting and making recommendations to Senior Management Team, University Management Group, Operating Board and other bodies as appropriate regarding student recruitment and admissions issues
  • Review of student recruitment-related risks and action plans in place to mitigate these, recommending and implementing new actions
  • To establish and disestablish sub-committees or working groups to support the work of the Committee


Vice-Principal (Student Recruitment) (Convener) Professor A Speight
Senior Vice-Principal Professor K Leydecker
University Secretary Mrs C Inglis
Vice-Principal (Education) Professor P McGeorge
Vice-Principal (International Partnerships) Professor R Wells
Vice-Princial (Research) Professor M Campbell
Director of Marketing and Student Recruitment Vacancy
Director of Online Education and Academic Development Dr G Mackintosh
Director of Planning Dr H Sveinsdottir
Assistant Director (Financial Planning and Budgeting) Ms M Rose
President of the Students' Association Mr L Ogubie

In attendance as required 

Director of External Relations Vacancy
Director of Digital and Information Services Mr B Henderson

Head of Student Recruitment and Admissions

Ms E Forster
Head of Admissions Mrs J Fernandes
Head of Marketing Mrs C Baverstock
Director of Language Centre Ms J Bray
Lead Planning Analyst Mr C Souter
Deans TBC
Regional Deans TBC
Reporting Line

Formal reporting line:

  • Operating Board


  • Working Group on Widening Participation

Operational Working Groups:

  • UG Communication and Engagement Group
  • PGT Communication and Engagement Group

Interface with other committees:

  • University Committee on Teaching and Learning


Frequency and Timing of Meetings
  • At least six meetings per academic year
  • Meetings between 10am-4pm in accordance with University Policy