Public Engagement & Publicity

Public Engagement

Cafe Scientifique Talk 

David Lurie gave a public lecture on MRI and FFC-MRI at Waterstones Bookshop, Aberdeen, on 25th October 2017

 "MRI scanning: a magnetic window to the body":

(Note - FFC-MRI part starts at 37 minutes.)

 Question and Answer Session:


Public Engagement Talk - David Lurie     

    Public Engagement talk - David Lurie Demonstration      

Public Engagement Talk Crowd - David Lurie


TV and Radio

SHMU-FM radio interview
24 October 2017
David Lurie was interviewed on Aberdeen local radio station SHMU-FM about MRI and FFC-MRI, during their weekly "Talking Science" programme. You can listen to a recording of the interview here.  
STV news item
7 February 2013
  Radio Castle (online station)
18 February 2013
STV news The news programme featured an item about the FFC-MRI project.   Castle Radio David Lurie was interviewed on "The Password Show with Peter Warren & Jane Whyatt".

Newspaper Articles

Press and Journal Newspaper
8 February 2013
  The Scotsman Newspaper
7 February 2013
P&J article Article   Scotsman article Online Article
Press and Journal Newspaper
23 March 2007
  The Scotsman Newspaper
23 March 2007
P&J article Front Page   Scotsman article Front Page, Page 2, Online Article

Radiology "Trade" Articles

Aunt Minnie Europe article
February 2013
  RAD Magazine article
March 2013
Aunt Minnie AuntMinnie Europe radiology web site article on ZF-MRI project.   RAD  Magazine RAD Magazine medical imaging periodical article on ZF-MRI project.

General-Interest Articles

Science Scotland article
August 2007
  Innovate Magazine (Aberdeen University)
Spring/Summer 2008
Science Scotland Article in the Royal Society of Edinburgh's magazine - see pages 21 and 22 of Issue 6. Also available as Simplified Chinese script.   Innovate Magazine An article on the project appeared in Issue 2 of the University of Aberdeen's "Innovate" magazine.


Scientific Publications

These can be found on our Publications page.