Public Engagement

Here you can find information about recent activities aimed at informing the public about our research. You can also find details of the public engagement activities that took place during our EU Horizon-2020 project "IDentIFY" by following this link.

11th July 2019 - Professor David Lurie and Dr James Ross lead a series of workshops exploring magnetism, MRI and FFC in HMP Grampian, as part of the Cell Block Science programme 


The pair explained the fundamentals of MRI, and of electromagnetism. They helped inmates build their own electromagnets. The engagement was superb and the feedback excellent. 




 17th June 2019 - CORDIS coverage of the IDentIFY project, in six languages


View the full article




11th June 2019 - Professor David Lurie gives the IPEM John Mallard Lecture at the UK Imaging and Oncology Congress (UKIO) 


President Professor Mark Tooley presented Professor David Lurie with his certificate for the John Mallard lecture at UKIO2019

President Professor Mark Tooley presented Professor David Lurie with his certificate for the John Mallard lecture at



20th April – 16th June 2019

Immobile Choreography, by Beverley Hood.

Edinburgh based artist Beverley Hood has been commissioned to work with The University of Aberdeen team who are leading the research project, IDentIFY.

23rd April – 16th June 2019.

From Where Do We See? Craft Skills and Aesthetics in MRI: Public Exhibition by Dr Silvia Casini

The Small Gallery, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary 

29th January 2019

The History, Physics, Applications and Future of Magnetic Resonance Imaging: talk by David Lurie 

April 18th 2019

Stuff Worth Knowing: The Science of Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Professor David Lurie gave an interactive lecture, hosted by the Aberdeen Science Centre 



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Saturday 8th September 2018.

James Ross showed groups from the public the prototype FFC-MRI scanner, provided details of the prototype and answered questions.

Lionel Broche explained posters that were on display in the Suttie Centre and answered questions




British Science week 2018:

  • The IDentIFY team held an event inviting the public to visit the new FFC MRI scanner, and were on hand to answer questions. 

Prototype FFC-MRI Scanner


  • Dr Lionel Broche (IdentIFY Project) and Dr Mary Joan MacLeod (Stroke Specialist) led an event explaining MRI and FFC MRI 

Lionel Broche


Cafe Scientifique Talk 

David Lurie gave a public lecture on MRI and FFC-MRI at Waterstones Bookshop, Aberdeen, on 25th October 2017


 "MRI scanning: a magnetic window to the body":

(Note - FFC-MRI part starts at 37 minutes.)


Question and Answer Session:


Public Engagement Talk - David Lurie     

    Public Engagement talk - David Lurie Demonstration      

Public Engagement Talk Crowd - David Lurie


TV and Radio

BBC Radio Scotland

21 November 2017

Interview with Prof David Lurie about FFC-MRI on the "Good Morning Scotland" news programme (audio file © BBC 2017). There was also an item on the BBC News web site:  New scanner "like 100 MRIs in one" developed in Aberdeen 

STV news television news item
21 November 2017
Item about FFC-MRI and the first patient scans, including an interview with a patient; broadcast on the STV evening news (video file © STV 2017). There was also an online item on the STV News site: Patients in Scotland first to use new powerful scanner.

Original 106 radio news item

21 November 2017

Radio news item on FFC MRI including interview with a patient (audio file © Original 106 2017).

SHMU-FM radio interview
24 October 2017
David Lurie was interviewed on Aberdeen local radio station SHMU-FM about MRI and FFC-MRI, during their weekly "Talking Science" programme. You can listen to a recording of the interview here.  
STV news item
7 February 2013
  Radio Castle (online station)
18 February 2013
STV news The news programme featured an item about the FFC-MRI project.   Castle Radio David Lurie was interviewed on "The Password Show with Peter Warren & Jane Whyatt".

Newspaper Articles

May 11th 2019. Press and Journal feature on FFC MRI, interview with Prof David Lurie. Full PDf here 



The Press and Journal

4th May 2019

Scientists turn to north-east women for help testing new type of MRI scanner


The Evening Express 

5th July 2018

NHS 70: It was ‘just another day’ for pioneering MRI scanner team as they made a breakthrough in history of medical science



The Scotsman newspaper

1 December 2017

PDF of the article is here.

The Times newspaper (online)

21 November 2017
Scanner said to be like 100 MRIs in one

The Scotsman newspaper (online)

21 November 2017

Evening Express newspaper (Aberdeen)

21 November 2017

City scientists have just what the doctor ordered with MRI scan breakthrough

Press & Journal newspaper (Aberdeen)

21 November 2017

New hi-tech scanner wins patient's praise

Citizen newspaper (Aberdeen)

22 November 2017

New scanner like 100 MRIs in one

Press and Journal Newspaper
8 February 2013
  The Scotsman Newspaper
7 February 2013
P&J article Article   Scotsman article Online Article
Press and Journal Newspaper
23 March 2007
  The Scotsman Newspaper
23 March 2007
P&J article Front Page   Scotsman article Front Page, Page 2


Online articles

BBC News (online)

3rd May 2019



Volunteers needed for new type of MRI scanner in Aberdeen


BBC News (online)

21 November 2017

New scanner "like 100 MRIs in one" developed in Aberdeen 

Twitter Feed - Nicola Sturgeon (First Minister of Scotland)

21 November 2017

New scanner like 100 MRIs in one 

 Radiology "Trade" Articles

Aunt Minnie Europe article
February 2013
  RAD Magazine article
March 2013
Aunt Minnie AuntMinnie Europe radiology web site article on ZF-MRI project.   RAD  Magazine RAD Magazine medical imaging periodical article on ZF-MRI project.

General-Interest Articles

Science Scotland article
August 2007
  Innovate Magazine (Aberdeen University)
Spring/Summer 2008
Science Scotland Article in the Royal Society of Edinburgh's magazine - see pages 21 and 22 of Issue 6. Also available as Simplified Chinese script.   Innovate Magazine An article on the project appeared in Issue 2 of the University of Aberdeen's "Innovate" magazine.


Scientific Publications

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