Bone coreHuman health is the focus of research at the IMS, beginning with analysis of the essential structure of the cell and the molecules that make it up. The origin of almost all disease lies at this core level - due to defects in genes, the proteins they encode or the other macromolecular bases of the cell. From this fundamental standpoint clinical research can advance to find the cure.

Our research strategy is summarized in our strategic plan (pdf). The research is organized into six Research Programmes which are:

Overarching these Programmes are our Integrative Centres that offer the scientific approaches and techniques that can be applied to the research carried out within all Research Programmes:

Several projects are highlighted as "flagship awards". These are multi-million pound projects that are part of the national or international collaborative networks of the highest quality research and include: Medical Research Council Centre for Medical MycologyWellcome Trust Strategic Award for Medical MycologySTRIFE (Advanced ERC Grant) and CRISP.