Microbiology and Immunity

Microbiology and Immunity at the IMS

Microbiology and Immunity

The Microbiology and Immunity Research Theme utilises cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches to investigate important research questions related to immunology and microbiology.

Our research is at the academic, clinical and industrial interface and one major over-arching strength is its transferability from bench research to commercially exploitable knowledge and technologies. Our research approaches span fundamental microbiology, immunology and biochemistry through to single cell RNA sequencing and -omics technologies that investigate human biology, important microorganisms, and a wide range of in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo infection models.

Photo of Carol Munro

Theme Lead: Professor Carol Munro

The Microbiology and Immunity Research Theme is composed of 3 Sections:

Immunotherapy and Immunomodulation
Microbial Pathogenesis