Neuroscience at the IMS


Brain function and malfunction are the last major frontiers in medical science. The fascination of our brain and mind is central to our Theme, which addresses the neurobiology of neuronal health and disease.

Research covers general neurophysiology (signalling) and disorders of the nervous system as diverse as autism, spinal cord injury, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease.

Our Theme is organised into two Sections: Neuronal Signalling and Plasticity, and Brain Health, both investigating highly interconnected aspects of basic and applied neuroscience.

We offer wide ranging expertise in the translation 'from bench to beside' in nervous system disorders, and technology developments that enable early diagnosis and drug development.

Ultimately, our research aims to understand disease mechanisms, identify drug targets, and develop better preventative and treatment strategies.

Theme Lead: Professor Bettina Platt


The Neuroscience Theme is composed of 2 sections:

Brain Health
Neuronal Signalling And Plasticity