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Person Position/Role
Dr Trevor Ahearn Honorary Lecturer
Ms Alexandra Andriu Research Student
Dr Gabriella Baio Honorary Senior Lecturer
Dr Lionel Broche Research Fellow
Mr Gordon Buchan Research Technician
Mr George Cameron Computing Physicist
Mr Gabriel Cheung Research Student
Mr Stuart Craib Honorary Technician
Mrs Nichola Crouch Research Radiographer
Dr Gareth Davies Research Fellow
Prof Alan Denison Deputy Director, M & D Education Administration
Mr Adalberto Ferrari PhD Student
Dr Ian Fleming Lecturer
Dr Jiabao He Lecturer
Mr Michael Hendry Research Radiographer
Ms Eleanor Hutcheon Technician
Ms Nicola Irwin Radiopharmacy Technician
Mrs Mina Khezrian PhD Student
Prof David Lurie Chair in Biomedical Physics
Mrs Beverly MacLennan Superintendent Radiographer
Dr Chris McNeil Research Fellow
Dr Nicola Miller Honorary Research Fellow
Mr Marco Mingarelli Research Assistant
Mrs Teresa Morris Imaging Facilities Co-ordinator
Prof Alison Murray Roland Sutton Chair of Radiology
Dr Leela Narayanan Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer
Su Myat Phyu Research Student
Dr Arnab Rana Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer
Prof Tom Redpath Emeritus Professor
Laura Reid Research Radiographer
Dr James Ross Research Fellow
Dr Anca Sandu-Giuraniuc Research Fellow
Dr Lutz Schweiger Senior Research Fellow
Mr Nicholas Senn PhD student
Dr Hugh Seton Lecturer
Prof Peter Sharp Emeritus Chair of Medical Physics
Mr Mike Shek Radiopharmacy Technician
Dr Tim Smith Senior Research Fellow
Dr Roger Staff Honorary Senior Lecturer
Mr Shaun Stone PhD Student
Dr Vesna Vuksanovic Research Fellow
Dr Gordon Waiter Senior Lecturer
Ms Jenny Waymont PhD Student
Prof Andy Welch Chair in the Institute for Education in Medical and Dental Sciences
Mrs Dawn Younie Secretary
Mrs Vasiliki Mallikourti PhD Student
Ms Clarisse de Vries PhD Student
Mr Vasileios Zampetoulas PhD Student
Prof Matteo Zanda Emertus Professor