Dr Vesna Vuksanovic

Dr Vesna Vuksanovic
BSc Physics, PhD Biophysics

Research Fellow

Dr Vesna Vuksanovic
Dr Vesna Vuksanovic

Contact Details

work +44 (0)1224 438378
The University of Aberdeen Office: G11 Aberdeen Biomedical Imaging Centre Lilian Sutton Building Foresterhill Aberdeen AB25 2ZD United Kingdom


Vesna Vuksanovic joined University of Aberdeen as Research Fellow in Neuroimaging. She was appointed Research Fellow at Technical University of Berlin Institute of Theoretical Physics and at Bernstein Centre for Computational Neuroscience Berlin. She has been a Royal Society Visiting Research Fellow at Lancaster University Department of Physics. 



Research Overview

In my work I combine methods and concepts from physics (e.g., complex systems) and statistical methods of graph theory and apply them to fundamental problems in clinical and cognitive neuroscience. Complex systems methods provide a framework for analysing increasingly complex, multimodal, big-datasets in neuroimaging and represent emerging clinical tools for assessing brain-network disorders. I am using these methods to understand how different brain areas interact with each other to support normal cognitive functions and how brain diseases, such as neurodegenerative diseases that cause dementias, impact these interactions. My aim is to develop a model of the brain that maps neurodegeneration in dementia in a way that helps clinicians when diagnosing patients and when selecting those who would benefit from currently available treatments for dementia or from participating in clinical trials.


  • neuroimaging
  • network
  • clinical trials of novel Tau Aggregation Inhibitor therapies in Alzheimer's disease
  • behavioural variant FrontoTemporal Dementia 

Current Research

Current work combines neuroimaging and clinical data in patients with Alzheimer’s disease and behavioural variant frontotemporal dementia. Alzheimer’s disease and behavioural variant frontotemporal dementia are two brain diseases that can cause dementia. Both diseases cause progressive loss of cognitive abilities and behavioural problems to greater or less extent. There are no current treatments for either disease that stops or reverses disease progression. Both diseases can cause similar symptoms and it is difficult to diagnose either condition or to distinguish them, especially in their early stages when new treatments are likely to be most valuable. Using information about patterns of loss of brain tissue across different parts of the brain, I am developing new ways of assessing brain scans and test results so that these methods give us a more accurate maps of the brain in these patients and give us new ways of making diagnosis. The research is supported by the WisTa LAboratories Ltd futured TAURx.

Research Highlights                                                                   


Reference: IJNS (in-press)  This study represents first attempt to characterize the correlational networks in cortical thickness and surface area in a large population of behavioural variant FrontoTemporal Dementia and Alzheimer's disease. These networks were bulit on (anatomical) T1 MRI scans used in routine clinical practice.

Cortical Thickness and Surface Area Networks


Reference: NeuroImage 97,1(2014)        

Visualization of brain functional networksReference: Editor's Picks from Chaos




Poster prize "Honorable Mention": 'Remote synchrony and functional networks'Fourth Biennial Conference on Resting State/Brain Connectivity, Sept 2014, MIT, Boston, USA

"Best Poster" on new insights into cardiovascular-brain interactions: 'Dynamic changes in network synchrony' International Conference on Biological Oscillations, Apr 2016, Lancaster University, UK

Data Blitz: 'Organisation of structural correlation networks in dementia' 6th Cambridge Neuroscience Symposium | Neural Networks in Health and Disease, Sept 2017


Current Research

PhD Students

I am the primary supervisor of one Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (RSAT funded research grant) and one PhD student (joint MRS and TauRx studenship).


Internal: Professor Claude Wischik(TauRx)Professor Alison Murray(ABIC)Dr Roger Staff(NHS) 

External:Dr Philipp Hoevel(TU Berlin)

Research Funding and Grants

RSAT(2019-2021): "Brain Flexibility and Reselience to Dementia", £118K(PI); MRS-TauRx PhD studneship (2018-2022): "Morphological Networks and Diagnostic Accuracy in Dementia", £92K(PI); ARUK Scottish Network (2018-2019): "Cholinergic and Default Mode Networks in Alzheimer's Disease", £3.2K(PI)


Teaching Responsibilities

BP5011(2017-2019):Radiation in Medical Imaging: Maths for Imaging; BP5505(2018-2019):Medical Image Processing and Analysis: Network Science in Neuroimaging



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