Cardiac MRI

The colourful MRI image of a heart shows areas of oedema following a heart attack

The Aberdeen Biomedical Imaging Centre

The Lilian Sutton Building

Body MRI

The MRI scan of the head and torso of a volunteer hints at the fine detail visible in these scans

The John Mallard PET Centre

The John Mallard PET centre is our purpose built PET/CT scanning and research facility

Laser scanning ophthalmoscope image of the retina

Image of the retina taken using the scanning laser ophthalmoscope

3T MRI scanner

Our 3T clinical MRI scanner

The Aberdeen Biomedical Imaging Centre is a partnership between academics across the University of Aberdeen and clinicians within NHS Grampian to create an inclusive, interdisciplinary environment of imaging research, development and teaching to address national and international health challenges.

Industry collaborations