Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Representing over 50 countries in our student body and faculty, the Business school prides itself as the most diverse of all School's at the University of Aberdeen.  Our campuses in Qatar and in China, add's to our portfolio of cultural diversity. The term Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, goes deeper than ethinic and cultural diversity for us as a school and on EDIC.  We take it to mean all characteristics that makes each of unique. Be it race, gender, sexuality, ability, neurodiversity, learning styles, personal preferences.  Our EDIC members are involved in developing EDIC through projects, accreddiation and personal work in their various areas of expertise. Some of our accreditations include, Athena Swan Bronze and UN-PRME. Projects that we are involved in include, HE Race Equality Charter, Decolonising the Curriculum and various student engagement iniatiatives. 

As a school we are committed to working to continuously find ways to engender inclusivity in everything we do so that no one feels left out. Our EDIC is represented by a community of staff and students who have lived experience or a commitment for improving learning and working conditions in various areas related to EDI. We are guided by the University’s EDI 8 commitments.

Composition of EDI Committee



EDI Chair

Varuni Wimalasiri

Education lead -EDI - Representative from School Education Committee

Stephanie Morgan

Deputy – EDI in Education

Eva Pocher

Research Lead -Representative from School Research Committee

Huong Vu

PRME lead

Bolomope Muhammed

Student Engagement lead

Lindsay Tibbets (associate member)

School Athena Swan Lead

Mark Whittington

Race Equality Champions

Ashley Lim and Nathalie Kemp

School Disability Adviser

Claire McArthur

LGBT + Network Representative


HR Representative

Tim Arnot

Athena Swan Officer dedicated to the School

Clare Matysova

School Admin Manager (or nominee)

Phillip Jenkins-Walsh

Head of School (ex officio)

John Skatun

Director of Resources

Adam Smith (Associate Member)

Lead Marketing Officer

Lucy Derry (Associate Member)