Curriculum Reform

In 2010, the University set about implementing a major Curriculum Reform (CRef) project.  This followed a substantial consultation about what and how we should teach in the 21st century, and reflection on the services we offered our students.

We learned from ground-breaking models at leading universities such as Harvard, Yale, Melbourne and Hong Kong. We talked to employers, professional bodies, educators, students and others to ensure our teaching met the needs and expectations of our students, future employers and the needs of wider society.

Our overarching aim was to enhance the learning experience for our students, while ensuring that our graduates were better informed, more intellectually flexible, and equipped to tackle the challenges of the 21st century.

The ongoing reform of our curriculum and co-curriculum aims in part to equip our students with an awareness and appreciation of ethical and moral issues, encouraging them to become active citizens and to have an understanding of their social and civic responsibilities.

A summary of the outcome of the Curriculum Reform project is available in the CRef Final Report (Summary Version). Staff can obtain the full version of the Final Report from Academic Services (

Staff may also wish to refer to the Enhanced Study pages.