Most students taking single honours undergraduate degrees at Aberdeen are required to take Enhanced Study. These are courses that are outside the main discipline a student is studying. Undergraduate students are normally required to take 30 credits of Enhanced Study in each of programme years 1 and 2 and 30 credits of Enhanced Study across programme years 3 and 4.

There are three types of Enhanced Study:

Full details of the Enhanced Study requirements, including information on exemptions and rules, can be found in the Enhanced Study Guide 2016-17.

Proposals for New Sixth Century Courses

Before submitting a course proposal for a new Sixth Century Course (6CC), a proposal should first be submitted for approval by the Vice-Principal (Learning & Teaching).

Proposals should be submitted on a 6CC Proposal Form. All proposals should ensure that the course adheres to the Guidelines for 6CC Proposals.

The 6CC Proposal Form should be signed by the Heads of Schools, Head of College and by the College Director of Teaching & Learning, after which the Form should be scanned and emailed to

If the proposal is approved, a course proposal should be submitted following normal University processes and timelines.

All queries regarding 6CC proposals should be submitted to Academic Services, Registry (