The CATE Award, celebrates and recognises creative and innovative teamwork in learning and teaching that positively impact on the student experience. The Award recognises a team which has enabled a progressive change in practice for colleagues or students at a university/discipline level and possibly even beyond the institution. Evidence of direct student involvement with the team and evidence of dissemination and impact are a central component of the application process. The initiative is managed by Advance HE and is open to UK higher education staff.

The webinar, ‘CATE - the basics and the benefits’, was aimed at staff aspiring to achieve a CATE award and who would like to understand the steps needed to submit a future CATE application. The PowerPoint slides from the session delivered by Professor Bob Gilmour, Glasgow Caledonian University are available here.


Advance HE Session

Planning for CATE in 2022 and beyond

Date: 27 January 2021, 10am-12pm


The collaborative nature of CATE means that many successful bids are centred on projects that have been years in the making. This workshop is aimed at those who are thinking long-term about how to advance a collaborative endeavour in their institution over time to the point at which a bid for CATE would be within reach. The themes covered will include, spotting potential, nurturing and investing and building a collaborative culture. Register via the booking link


CATE nominations for 2021 are now closed.