Covid-19 / Blended Learning: QAC approval of first half-session courses for 2020-21

Given the number of changes anticipated in advance of the start of September 2020 to ensure that adaptations required to courses and programmes to align with Blended Learning principles the QAC will implement a stream-lined approval process for first half-session 2020-21 courses. Guidance on this is available here.


The Curriculum Management System (CMS) is not currently open to Schools whilst a series of technical enhancements are being completed. As it is anticipated that Schools will be able to access the system from January 2021 onwards, please check back for up to date information.


Please refer to the interim procedural information below for all aspects of Programme and Course approvals for delivery from September 2021. The interim process will continue to be reviewed by the Business Case Approval Group (for new and withdrawn programmes) and the Quality Assurance Committee (for all changes to academic delivery and assessment).


New and Withdrawn Programmes

Schools wishing to establish new programmes and/or withdraw existing programmes from their portfolio should use the templates below. For further information please contact the Business Case Approval Group (BCAG) via Please note: In adherence to the School Planning process a business case is required for all new programmes and these, together with withdrawing programmes, should be reflected in School plans and projections.


New and Withdrawn Courses and Course Modifications


  • New Course Proposal - use when proposing a brand-new course, or proposing radical changes to a course
  • Course Status Change – use to notify when the status of a course is changing from live to withdrawn or dormant, or vice versa. Alternatively Schools may, once it is open to them, use the CMS to notify course status changes.
  • Course Change – use to propose changes to an existing course and one variant
  • Variant Change - use in conjunction with the Course Change template when there are multiple variants associated with one master
  • Request to CAP or change a CAP on a Course - Alternatively Schools may, once it is open to them, use the CMS to request that a course is capped or request changes to a cap already in place.

Completed templates should be emailed to the relevant Curriculum Administrator (CA) by 30 November 2020 at the latest. The CA will be responsible for ensuring that the data is entered into the CMS.


Programme Modifications


Programme Modification – use to propose changes to a programme


Completed remplates should be emailed to the relevant Curriculum Administration (CA) by 18 December 2020 at the latest. The CA will be responsible for ensureing that the data is entered into the CMS.


The Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) will review the Schools submissions via the CMS and Schools will be notified via the system when QAC has a query in regard to a submission and when QAC approval has been given. Schools will be required to respond to any QAC queries directly using the system.


             Questions should be directed to the School QAC Approver or Curriculum Administrator (CA)


Post BCAG and QAC approval the Curriculum Team will update the Catalogue of Courses and Calendar and ask Schools to check the detail before they go live.


The University Calendar and the Catalogue of Courses

Once approved, courses and programmes are made available to staff and students via:

  • University Calendar:  lists every programme offered by the University in a given academic year, the academic regulations which must be adhered to, and the courses which must be studied to ensure a student can graduate.
  •  Catalogue of Courses:  a catalogue of all the courses the University offers, listed by subject area.