The approval process for introducing new, or amending or withdrawing existing courses and programmes, operates via the Curriculum Management System, the University’s single source for all course and programme related data, including course requisites and timetabling information.

In adherence to the School Planning process a business case is required for all new programmes and these, together with withdrawing programmes, should be reflected in School plans and projections.

 A summary flowchart of our Curriculum Managment process here

The Curriculum Management process involves the completion and submission of the appropriate Curriculum Record (new course, course change, course withdrawal, new programme, programme modification, programme withdrawal). Once submitted, the Curriculum Record will then be reviewed by the following bodies, as appropriate: the Business Case Approval Group, the Quality Assurance Committee, Academic Services, and Central Timetabling.


Submission dates and deadlines



New programmes - business case

31 August*

Programme withdrawals

31 August*

New courses and course changes

30 November**

New programmes (prescriptions), programme modifications

31 December*

*To allow for marketing and recruitment activities, business cases for new or withdrawn programmes should be submitted for approval by the end of August two years prior to their intended start date (i.e. business cases for new programmes due to start from September 2019 onwards should be submitted by 31 August 2017).

** May be submitted at any time but only those submitted by 30 November will be permitted to take effect in the following academic year.

Requests for access to the Curriculum Management system should be sent to

Detailed user guides on how to use the Curriculum Management system are available here. They can also be found within the Curriculum Management system, by clicking the ‘?’ in the top right corner of the screen.

Questions or comments should be directed to


The University Calendar and the Catalogue of Courses

Once approved, courses and programmes are made available to staff and students via:

  • University Calendar:  lists every programme offered by the University in a given academic year, the academic regulations which must be adhered to, and the courses which must be studied to ensure a student can graduate.
  •  Catalogue of Courses:  a catalogue of all the courses the University offers, listed by subject area.