The QAA undertakes a rolling 5-year programme of Enhancement-led Institutional Review (ELIR) of all HEIs in Scotland.The main focus of ELIR method is to review an institution's approach to improving the student learning experience. It also examines an institution's ability to secure the academic standards of its awards and to manage the quality of the learning opportunities it provides for its students.

The University underwent its first ELIR review (ELIR 1) in 2005, ELIR 2 in May 2010, ELIR 3 in 2013 and ELIR 4 in 2018. 

The ELIR 2018 Reflective Analysis (RA) is available here . The latest QAA review report can be read on the QAA website.

ELIR 4: 2018

The University will undergo ELIR 4 during academic year 2018-2019. The Planning Visit will take place the week of 8 October 2018, with the main Review Visit being the week of 19 November 2018.  

ELIR Steering Group

Preparation for the review, including production of the Reflective Analysis and Advance Information Set, is being overseen by an ELIR Steering Group comprising:

  • Vice-Principal (Learning and Teaching), Chair
  • Dean of Quality Enhancement and Assurance
  • Deans of Learning and Teaching (undergraduate and postgraduate taught)
  • Deputy Academic Registrar
  • Education Officer, Aberdeen University Students' Association

ELIR Documentation

The   Reflective Analysis is available here.

Quality Code

UK Quality Code

The Quality Code sets out the expectations all providers of UK higher education are required to meet. ELIR considers the extent to which institutions make systematic use of the Code as an external reference point in their updating of policy and procedure and as reference points in its evaluation and management of institutional policy and practice.

A mapping of the institution's policies and processes to the Quality Code is available here.