All research students follow a series of assessments and monitoring throughout their period of supervised study.

The Postgraduate Research School co-ordinates the ongoing monitoring, assessment and progression of research students to ensure that every student receives appropriate support during their studies, and to assess whether they are on track to successfully complete their thesis by the end of their period of supervised study (the final date of submission).

The monitoring, assessment and progression system aims to ensure systematic, fair and consistent management of the academic process for all postgraduate research students.  Students should also discuss their assessment programme with their supervisors and the appropriate School Postgraduate Research Co-ordinator.  You should contact your school PGR Administrator in the first instance (see useful contacts here).

You can also contact the Postgraduate Research School for more general advice about the monitoring, assessment and progression process (Postgraduate Research School Adviser (Monitoring & Progression)).

Assessment, Monitoring and Progression Checklist (Full-Time Students)

Assessment, Monitoring and Progression Checklist (Part-Time Students)

Your Responsibilities

As a research student you will benefit from the advice and direction of your supervisors, but ultimately you are responsible for your own research and thesis.  You are strongly advised to submit your thesis before the end of your period of supervised study (this is also known as the 'Final Date of Submission').  Extensions beyond the normal period of supervised study must be applied for, and are not granted without good reason (for example, personal, medical or academic extenuating circumstances).