Granite is the first postgraduate interdisciplinary journal of Aberdeen University. The journal has been established by students for students.

This open access journal is designed to give postgraduate students of the University of Aberdeen a place to publish their work and to provide them with experience of the publishing process.

The members of the editorial team will have the opportunity to organize symposiums and become active on the review and editorial levels of Granite journal.

Any postgraduate student who wish to submit a paper or be a member of the editorial board will make a substantial contribution to the development and success of the journal. Interested participants should email the Journal editor through

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Call for Papers

Well-being and Health of People and Places

Granite Journal is an interdisciplinary, postgraduate and peer-reviewed journal, published open access (twice annually) by the University of Aberdeen. The Editorial Board is pleased to invite graduate students (Masters and PhD) to submit papers for consideration in our upcoming journal issue on the theme of Well-Being and Health of People and Places.

Well-being is challenging to define in a single word, but we can summon a long list of contributing factors: health, happiness, diversity, inclusivity, sustainability, fairness, accessibility, harmony, creativity… the list goes on. The state of wellness is interdisciplinary by its very nature. We welcome submissions from all disciplines and encourage interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Promoting good health and well-being
  • Environment and biodiversity
  • Transport and health
  • History of medicine, emotions and mental health
  • Environmental policy and law
  • Identities and well-being
  • Energy transition
  • Digital health and machine learning
  • Spiritual well-being
  • Global conflict and migration
  • Health, work and well-being
  • Food policy and global health

Granite Journal accepts original research articles, commentaries/letters to the editor and book reviews. Original research articles must be between 2000-4000 words and this includes all text, including figures, tables and references. Abstracts should not exceed 200 words. Articles applying a qualitative, quantitative or mixed-methods approach will be considered. Commentaries/letters to the editor must be 1500-2000 words and book reviews can be up to 1000 words.

All work must be original and unpublished. All eligible articles will be peer-reviewed prior to publication. Collaborative submissions, including papers exploring the theme from multiple perspectives, are encouraged.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 May 2022

Email the Journal co-editors a to express interest and obtain the journal’s template.

Please get in touch if you have any additional questions.

Volume 6: Issue 1 - Engaging the Public: Past, Present and Future
Volume 5, Issue 1:2021

1.   Fallenness and Freedom, Toudic, pp. 1-6

2.   Transcending the Label, Black, pp. 7-12

3.   Is There a Stable Relationship between Money Supply and Price Level, Zhao, pp. 13-18

4.   Right or No Right to Peaceful Assembly, Okwori, pp. 19-26

Volume 4, Issue 1:2020 - Towards a Sustainable Society

 Exploring beyond the green economy spectrum, Flood, pp. 1-9

Towards a Progressive Discourse on Climate Action and Sustainability, Yeboah, pp. 10-18

The Afforestation of upland slopes in the United Kingdon a food security threat or environmental opportunity. Reilly, pp. 19-26 

How social distancing has renewed our love for nature, and what it means for a sustainable future, Baillie, pp. 27-36

Work-Life Balance of Women Employees, Alqahtani, pp. 37-42

Volume 3, Issue 2: 2019 - Gender Issues and How They Affect Human Lives

Gender Issues and How They Affect Human Lives

Editorial Introduction to Special issue on Gender issues and how they affect human lives, Bodunrin, pp 1-5

Small Steps, Loud Voices The Fight for Equal Education in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries, Black, pp 6-11

Hysterical Women Pain Bias and Epistemic Injustice in Medicine, Macphee, pp 12-19

Walayah (Guardianship) The Authority Over A Woman’s Choice in Marriage, Farooq, pp 20-27

Gendered Bodies and Power Dynamics The Relation between Toxic Masculinity and Sexual Harassment, Wikstrom, pp 28-33

Barriers to Women's Leadership, Alqahtani, pp 34-41

Accounting for gender inequalities in the UK workplace; regulations and corporate disclosures, Tagoe, pp 42-52

Digitisation and women in the workforce Exploring the impact of the gig economy on female ‘participation’, Adebiyi, pp 53-65

The Huge Improvement in the Status of Women in China since 1949, Hongie, pp 66-72


Volume 3, Issue 1: 2019

Research in Modern Society:  Addressing Global Challenges

Editorial Research in Modern Society Addressing Global Challenges, Bodunrin, pp 1-3

The phenomenon of work and non-work boundaries in the Age of Information, Rubio, pp 4-13

Past financial crises and early signal of future occurrence, Shobande, pp 14-21

Multi-scale FEA-based reliability analysis framework for FRP composites, Omairey, pp 22-28

Volume 2, Issue 2: 2018

Migration of Asylum seekers and refugees

A Gaze beyond Categories Who Are those Refugees and Migrants Anyway, Moderbacher, pp 1-8.pdf

Necropolitics in Refugee Governance, Wallace, pp 9-17.pdf

Alan Kurdi a Frame of the Migration Crisis, Bodunrin, pp 18-24.pdf

Migration Dilemma Security versus Humanitarian Nexus, Nijaim,  pp 25-32.pdf

Volume 2, Issue 1: 2018

Special issue: 2nd Granite Postgraduate Symposium Proceedings - Between using and abusing our planet

Editorial - Introduction, Despina Yiakoumi & Simone Haarbosch, Page 1 - 3

Undertaking research at the interface between disciplines: questions of purpose, method, and possibilities, Dr. Laura Colucci-Gray, Page 4 - 15

A New Veganism: How Climate Change Has Created More Vegans, Leanne Cooper, Page 16 -  24

The Challenges of Climate Change to Energy Transitions Research, Kathryn Wolfley, Page 15 - 30

Breaking Bread or Being Broken by Bread?, Rev. Dr. Anthony J. Stiff, Page 31 - 37

Volume 1: 2017

Editorial, Granite: Introductory editorial, Haley R. French, Andrew S. Maclaren, p. 1-4Ed


Issue 1: 1st Granite Postgraduate Symposium- Engaging the Intersections of Humanity and Technology Proceedings

Editorial, Introduction, Claire Hein Blanton, p. 5-6

The Judgments We Make: Justice in a Digitized World, Michael Morellip, 7-10

The Era of Big Data:A Big Change to Human Interaction, Aliyu Usman Ahmad, p. 11-13

The Use of Technology for Further Consideration of a Standing Stone Circle, Nicolle Sturdevant, p. 14-19

The Rise and Fall of Vaporwave: Resistance and Sublimation in on-line Counter-Cultures, Paul Fleetwood  p. 20-23


Issue 2: School of Geosciences 2016 Postgraduate Conference Proceedings

Sequence stratigraphic controls of clastic dia-genesis: Preliminary studies of analogue res-ervoirs from the Salton Trough, San Joaquin Basin, California

Sunday E. Okunuwadje, p. 24-25


Issue 3: Northeast Postgraduate History Conference Papers

The Heathen Hereafter

Naval Organisation and Royal Power in Twelfth Century Denmark

Artificial Gods: Yhe Text - Consciousness of Prophetic Charcters in Laxdeola Saga

Iceland’s ‘Foreign Bishops’ and the Icelanders, Michael Frost