Granite Journal

Granite Journal

Granite is the first postgraduate interdisciplinary journal of Aberdeen University. The journal has been established by students for students.

This open access journal is designed to give postgraduate students of the University of Aberdeen a place to publish their work and to provide them with experience of the publishing process.

The members of the editorial team will have the opportunity to organize symposiums and become active on the review and editorial levels of Granite journal.

Any postgraduate student who wish to submit a paper or be a member of the editorial board will make a substantial contribution to the development and success of the journal. Interested participants should email the Journal editor through

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Call for Papers

Breaking the Boundaries: Interdisciplinary Research Approaches and Methods

Founded in 2015, Granite has helped bring diverse disciplines together and united researchers by a common theme. This academic year, in an effort to champion Granite’s interdisciplinarity and make our theme as inclusive as possible, our 2023 theme for publication is “Breaking the Boundaries: Interdisciplinary research approaches and methods”.

Please submit a 250-word abstract to for consideration by January 20th, 2023.

With the Aberdeen 2040 strategy underway, the University is now committed to fostering such links and exploring how researchers from different disciplines can exchange insights to benefit not only each other's research, but the advancement of academic research in general. As more and more researchers across the globe are taking inspiration from research in disciplines that seem, at first glance, unrelated to their own, interdisciplinarity has become a crucial tool in the arsenal of any researcher hoping to cover new ground and break the boundaries in their field.

Is your research interdisciplinary? Perhaps you are approaching existing questions from a new perspective, or using established methods in one speciality and applying them to another field? We would like to hear about it! Postgraduate students are invited to submit a paper to Granite for publication online and in print in June 2023. The paper may or may not be related to your postgraduate research, and queries are welcome.

This year, we are publishing one extended volume containing single-author papers and co-authored papers by two students working in different disciplines or schools. If you are interested in co-authoring a paper and have difficulty finding another student from another discipline, email our editorial team and we will aim to pair you up with another researcher.

Open to submissions from ALL disciplines. We aim to receive and showcase papers from PGT and PGRs within each of the University’s 12 schools.

The deadline for manuscript submission is April 7th, 2023. Please note, if you submit your abstract before January, you will have confirmation to start writing earlier.

Papers are limited to 4,000-6,000 words excluding abstracts, citations, bibliography, and appendices.

Interested participants should email our Editorial Team: to express interest and obtain the journal’s template. If your paper is accepted, it will then undergo 10 weeks of peer review.

Publications will be released in June.

Please get in touch if you have any additional questions.

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Gender Issues and How They Affect Human Lives

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