The Students' Union

The Students' Union

Welcome to our University of Aberdeen Students' Union (sometimes referred to as AUSA) resources page. You will find information more information about the Students' Union below. 

The University of Aberdeen Students’ Union Association (AUSA) is a student-led organisation that aims to support, empower and represent students during their University experience. When you join the University, you’re automatically enrolled in the Students’ Union where you are encouraged to share your views so that we can help you make the most of your time at university.

The Students' Union is led by five elected students, known as Student Officers. These officers work together as a team, each focusing on their individual remit to represent you and drive forward your interests. Officers will collaborate on issues aiming to make positive changes at University, local and national levels.

With over 300 sports clubs and societies, the Students' Union and the University have a vibrant community spirit. Whether you’re looking to play football, learn to skate, or appreciate a fine whisky, we have a society and club for everyone. Joining a club or society is a great way to meet new people and experience new things as well as continue to develop your skills, hobbies and passions.

The Students' Union can also help with free and impartial advice to students. You can get in touch with us for support with anything from academic advice, health & wellbeing, part-time employment to housing and accommodation needs.

You can find out more about The Students' Union at their website: