School of Law Staff

Name Position
Titilayo Adebola Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law
Patrick Achor Teaching Fellow in Law
Jonathan Ainslie Lecturer in Private Law
Gloria Alvarez Senior Lecturer International Dispute Resolution and Economic Law

Derek Auchie

Professor of Dispute Process Law
Douglas Bain Senior Lecturer in Scots Law
Eliza Bechtold Lecturer in Law
Florian Becker Professor of Law
Mátyás Bódig Professor of Law
Justin Borg-Barthet Professor in Private International Law and EU Law
Abbe E. L Brown Professor in Intellectual Property Law
Graeme Brown Senior Lecturer in Criminal Justice
Qiang (John) Cai Lecturer in Commercial Law
Ilona Cairns Senior Lecturer in Scots Law and Family Law
Isla Callander Lecturer in Criminal Law and Evidence
Georgi Chichkov School Administration Assistant (Marketing, Events, Partnerships, and Research)
Irène Couzigou Professor in Public International Law and French Law
Péter Cserne Reader in Law
Rossana Ducato Lecturer in IT Law and Regulation
Peter Duff Professor of Criminal Justice
Sarah Duncan Lead School Administration Manager
Millicent Ele Teaching Fellow in Law
Tomilola Akanle Eni-ibukun Lecturer in Energy Law
Chike Emedosi Teaching Fellow in Commercial Law
Erin Ferguson Lecturer in Law
John Ford Professor of Civil Law
Edouard Fromageau Lecturer in International Economic Law
Greg Gordon Professor of Law (Oil and Gas Law and Scots Private Law)
Thomas Green Lecturer in Private Law
Tamas Gyorfi Professor of Law (Public Law and Legal Theory)
May Holbrook School Administration Assistant (Undergraduate Programmes)
Mark Igiehon Lecturer in Oil and Gas Law
Katherine Ingram School Administration Assistant (Taught Postgraduate Programmes)
Fiona Jardine School Marketing Officer
Bethan Johns School Administration Coordinator (Undergraduate Honours)
Ilias Kazeem Teaching Fellow in Law
Konstantina Kalaitsoglou Teaching Fellow in Law
Nicola Kelly (Maternity Leave) School Administration Assistant (Taught Postgraduate Programmes)
Claudio Lombardi Lecturer in Commercial Law
Carol Lawie Deputy School Administration Manager
Alisdair MacPherson Lecturer in Commercial Law
Onyoja Momoh Lecturer in Private International Law
Thomas Muinzer Senior Lecturer in Energy Transition Law
Natalie Murray School Administrator (Postgraduate Support and Development)
Catherine Ng Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law
Solomon Obulor Teaching Fellow in Law
Etta Ojang-Okongor Teaching Fellow in Law
Roderick Paisley Professor of Scots Law (Land Law and Succession)
Roy Partain Professor of International Comparative Law
John Paterson Professor of Law (Energy Law, Corporate Governance and Legal Theory)
Mike Radford OBE (Reader) in Public Law
Louise Richmond School Administration Assistant (PG Admissions Support and Reception)
Daria Shapovalova Senior Lecturer in Energy Law
Elizabeth Shaw Senior Lecturer in Criminal Justice
Anne-Michelle Slater Professor of Planning and Environmental Law
Ellen Smith School Administration Coordinator (Online and Professional Skills Programmes)
Jean Stevenson School Administration Assistant (Undergraduate Programmes)
Shannon Strinati  School Administration Assistant (DPLP Programme)
Susan Stokeld Professor in Criminal Justice
Scott Styles Senior Lecturer in Commercial Law, Legal Theory, Oil and Gas Law
Robert Taylor Senior Lecturer in UK Public Law
Katarina Trimmings Senior Lecturer in Private International Law and Family Law
Emre Üşenmez Senior Lecturer
Euan West Lecturer in Scots Private Law
Eddy Wifa Lecturer in Offshore Energy Risk Governance
Jean Wilke Lecturer in Law
Adelyn Wilson Professor of Public Law, Medical Law, Sales Law and Legal History
Kirsty Wilson Teaching Fellow in Law
Zeray Yihdego Professor of Public International Law
Burcu Yüksel Ripley Senior Lecturer in International Trade Law and Private International Law
Magdalena Zabrocka Teaching Fellow in Law
Patricia Živković Lecturer in International Dispute Resolution


Emeritus and Honorary Staff

Name Title 
Elish Angiolini Honorary
Sarah Bleichner Honorary Lecturer
Thomas Burns Honorary and Emeritus Lecturer
Thomas Bustamante Honorary Lecturer
Angus Campbell Honorary Senior Lecturer
Gero Dolezalek Emeritus Professor
Peggy Ducoulombier Honorary Lecturer
Robin Evans-Jones Emeritus Professor of Jurisprudence
Christopher Gane Emeritus Professor of Law
Ülkü Halatçı Ulusoy Honorary Lecturer
Dirk Hanschel Honorary Reader
Peter Hirst Honorary Professor of Law
Mohamad Janaby Honorary Research Fellow
David Jenkins Honorary Lecturer
Francis Lyall Emeritus Professor of Public Law
Geoffrey MacCormack Emeritus Professor of Jurisprudence
Donna McKenzie Skene Emeritus Professor of Commercial Law  
Cornie van der Merwe Emeritus
David Parratt Honorary
Margaret Ross Emeritus Professor of Law
Jeremy Rowan-Robinson   Emeritus
Neelam Sarkaria Honorary Lecturer
Ian Taggart Honorary Lecturer
Brigit Toebes Honorary Lecturer
Uisdean Vass Honorary