Dr Nevena Jevremovic
Dr Nevena Jevremovic

Dr Nevena Jevremovic




Nevena is Lecturer in Commercial Law at the University of Aberdeen School of Law. Her research and teaching focus on the interplay between sustainable development in commercial relationships, investment, and dispute resolution. Nevena is the author of the national monographs on the Civil Procedure and Energy Law in volumes of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws. She published a dozen articles and book chapters on international dispute resolution and international commercial law. She is working on several publications on sustainable development goals in investment disputes, climate litigation, and global value chains.

Nevena is a Guest Lecturer at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, and was a guest lecturer at the Prince Sultan University, College of Law, Female Campus (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia), Faculty of Law at the University of Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina), International Sarajevo University (IUS), and University of Verona & CILE's Summer School, teaching courses on sales law, contract and commercial management, technology and law, and international commercial arbitration.

Nevena completed her PhD with a dissertation on "Art. 35 (1) and 35(2)(a) & (b) of the UN Convention on the International Contracts for the Sale of Goods in the context of Sustainable Development Goal 12: Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns." She holds an LL.M. in International Law from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Law (2016) and an LL.M. in Civil Law in the EU from the University of Sarajevo, School of Law (2015).


  • LL.M. International Law 
    2016 - University of Pittsburgh, School of Law 
  • LL.M. EU Civil Law 
    2015 - University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Law 
  • PhD Law 
    2022 - University of Zenica, Faculty of Law 

Internal Memberships

Interim Associate Co-Director, Centre for Private International Law

Member, Centre for Commercial Law

Member, AUCEL

Member, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Latest Publications

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Research Overview

Interdisciplinary study of international commercial and investment relationships in their socio-economic and ethical context, with a focus on sustainability and sustainable development.

Current Research

Ongoing research projects include sustainable consumption and production in global value chains, sustainable development goals in investment disputes, interplay between climate change litigation and public participation in investment disputes, and proactive judicial policy in climate litigation against corporations.


Global Perspectives on Corporate Climate Legal Tactics, British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL), Member

LSGL, Global Value Chains Research Project, Member


Teaching Responsibilities

LS501Z, International Arbitration Law (Online), Course coordinator

LS503B, International Sales Law (Online), Course coordinator

LS552B, International Arbitration Practice (Online), Course coordinator

LS553B, International Sales Law (Online), Course coordinator

QL5802, International Sale of Goods (UoA Qatar), Course coordinator

Qatar LL.M. Program, Coordinator

Non-course Teaching Responsibilities

Personal tutor


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Books and Reports

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