Mr Michael Radford

Mr Michael Radford
Mr Michael Radford
Mr Michael Radford

OBE LLB (London)


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Mike Radford's interests focus on law and the exercise of power in two distinct areas: government and public administration; and the treatment of animals. He is an internationally recognised expert in animal welfare law and has extensive experience of working with politicians, officials, NGOs, animal welfare scientists and veterinary surgeons in the development of policy and legislation.  He has previously served as a trustee of the PDSA, a member of the RCVS Animal Welfare Science, Ethics, and Law Committee, the Companion Animal Welfare Council, the Dog Advisory Council, and was a founder member of the Animal Science, Ethics and Law Veterinary Association.  Mike is presently a member of the Scottish Animal Welfare Council, chair of the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW) and the Humane Slaughter Association, a trustee of Dogs Trust and the UK Centre for Animal Law (formerly the Association of Lawyers for Animal Welfare) and chair of the latter's Scottish Committee.  Mike was appointed OBE in 2008 for services to animal welfare law.



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