Dr Claudia Fernandez Martin

Dr Claudia Fernandez Martin


Dr Claudia Fernandez Martin
Dr Claudia Fernandez Martin

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Dr Claudia Fernández-Martín (Dr CFM) is a Lecturer in Chemical Engineering, Member of the Materials and Chemical Engineering Research Group at The University of Aberdeen, and Academic Member of the UK Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre (UKCCSRS). She has over 11 years’ experience in: a) experimental and numerical modelling of carbon capture processes, b) the development of low-cost and advanced materials for CO2 capture at post-combustion conditions (capture from gas and coal-based power plants emissions at atmospheric pressure) and pre-combustion conditions (capture from shifted syngas at elevated pressure), c) revalorization of biomass-based wastes: conversion of waste into microporous adsorbents for gas separation applications such as CO2 capture and biogas upgrading, d) new technologies to achieve more efficiency in carbon capture processes.  

Due to her environmental background Dr CFM research interests are also focused on the transformation of by-products materials and/or residues generated from industrial activities into new forms of valuable and useful materials, such as the recycling and/or transformation of wastes into new materials for air pollution control applications. She has worked developing and characterizing a wide range of materials including thermoplastic and thermostable resins; low density organic polymers; recyclable biomass residues such as olive stones and almond shells; amine-impregnated silicas; composite polymeric membranes, etc. for the separation of CO2 from gas mixtures mainly composed by N2/CO2 and H2/CO2.

Her work on the project ‘Feasibility of a wetting layer absorption carbon capture process based on chemical solvents’ done at The University of Edinburgh, which aimed at investigating the microwave regeneration of a porous material used to support liquid-like regions of CO2-absorbing solvent has inspired her to develop the current research focused on the enhancement of the CO2 recovery on carbon capture processes by means of novel and energetically more efficient regeneration technologies. It involves design, construction and experimental research on CO2 regeneration strategies from custom-made and advanced carbon capture materials in a bench-scale microwave-integrated rotatory adsorption unit.

Dr CFM is involved in several academic and industrial projects, has published in high-impact scientific journals and presented her job in national and international conferences, seminars and workshops. Besides her intensive research activities, she also teaches at undergraduate and postgraduate level at the School of Engineering, The University of Aberdeen. Some of the courses she delivers are: ‘Air and Water Pollution Control’, ‘Environmental Engineering’ for Chemical Eng. and Civil and Environmental Eng. students. 


Lecturer in Chemical Engineering



Research Fellow. School of Engineering (Chemical Engineering), Institute for Materials and Processes, The University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom).

EPSRC Project: Feasibility of a wetting layer absorption carbon capture process based on chemical solvents (EP/J019720/1). 


Research Associate, INCAR-CSIC (Spain)

Researcher at the “Energy Processes and Emission Reduction Group”, Department of Coal, Energy and Environment, at the National Institute of Coal, Spanish Council for Scientific Research (INCAR-CSIC).



Pre-doctoral  Fellow, INCAR-CSIC (Spain)

Funded by the highly competitive Spanish Research Funding Body studentship ‘JAE-Pre’ pre-doctoral Grant. PhD topic: CO2 Capture “Energy Processes and Emission Reduction Group”, Department of Coal, Energy and Environment. National Institute of Coal, Spanish Council for Scientific Research (INCAR-CSIC).



PhD (2011):Microporous adsorbents from organic   polymers. Application in precombustion CO2 capture processes”. Summa Cum Laude. Department of Energy, University of Oviedo (Spain).


MSc (2009): Master on Research in Technology, Diversification,   Quality and Energy Saving (Quality Mention). Title: “Development of adsorbents from phenolic resins for precombustion CO2 capture” (June 2009). Distintion Department of Energy, University of Oviedo (Spain).


MEng in Environmental Sciences, 1st Class. University of Granada (Spain).



Research Interests

My research interests are focused on the following topics:

  • Materials and gas separation processes by means of adsorption for carbon capture. It includes the following:

          - Synthesis of advanced and novel materials for post and pre-combustion CO2 capture, such as organic polymers, carbon-based adsorbents, low-cost biomass-based adsorbents, amine impregnated silicon-based adsorbents, polymeric and hybrid membranes, etc.

          -Characterization of the adsorbents: textural and chemical characterisation, thermogravimetric analysis, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), FTIR spectroscopy, etc.

         - Enhancement of the CO2 recovery on carbon capture processes by means of novel and energetically more efficient technologies for the regeneration. It involves the experimental study in a bench-scale fixed adsorption column.

         -Design and construction of lab-scale set-ups for continuous dynamic carbon capture measurements.

  • Recycling of polymeric waste: catalytic pyrolysis of mixed polymeric waste for the conversion into  added-value chemicals and/or materials. 
  • Biofuel production 
  • Enviromental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the oil and gas activities in the North Sea

Current Research

  • Intensification of carbon capture processes (CCS) using advanced regeneration technologies  
  • Materials for gas separation: greener and intensified synthesis of advanced sorbents for gas separation, specifically CO2 capture and CH4 upgrading
  • Bioenergy and low-carbon fuel technologies:

          Biogas upgrading

          Microwave-assisted catalytic pyrolysis



Teaching Responsibilities


  • Environmental Engineering (EA4527): coordinator
  • BEng Individual Project (EG4014)
  • MEng Individual Project (EG4013)
  • Air & Water Pollution Control (EX501U)
  • BEng Group Design Project (EG4578)
  • MEng Group Design (EG5565)


  • Energy from Biomass (EG50M1/EG504A): on campus and online
  • MSc Individual Project in:
    • Petroleum Engineering (EG552K, KE5901)
    • Oil & Gas Chemistry (EG552L)
    • Renewable Energy (EG59M1)
    • Advanced Chemical Engineering (EG59M9)
Further Info

External Responsibilities

CURRENT FUNDED PHD OPPORTUNITIES at the University of Aberdeen:


Funding: Stipend for living expenses, UK home-rate tuition fees and research allowance. Visit the link for further information, and do not hesitate to email me indicating 'Carnegie PhD Scholarship' in the subject of your email: https://www.abdn.ac.uk/study/funding/10 

Other Student Opportunities:

If you are an engineering or science student who would like to do a project in any topic of my research area, please do not hesitate to send me an email.

PhD Placements and Supervisor Mobility Grants China-UK 


UK-China PhD Placement Programme 

This opportunity is open to students currently enrolled in a PhD Programme in China who would like to come to do a placement at an accredited higher education institution or research institution in the UK.

If yoo meet the eligibility criteria and are interested in coming to the University of Aberdeen to do high quality research, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Further information can be found in the following link: 


Admin Responsibilities

Academic Member of the UKCCSRC (UK Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre)

Deputy Champion in Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage CCS, UoA.

Deputy Coordinator of Levels 4 & 5 School of Engineering

Representative of the ECRs in the Research Committee of the School of Engineering 

Course coordinator of:

      - SX1007 & SX1507: Fearsome Engines (Sixth Century course, Engineering)

      - EA4527: Environmental Engineering (Level 4 Civil & Environmental Engineering)