Leadership Team

School of Education Senior Leadership Team

Prof David Smith Head of School of Education  
Catriona MacDonald  Depute Head of the School of Education                                  
Dr Carol Hickman School Administration Manager

School of Education Executive Team 

Prof Yvonne Bain Head of Postgraduate Taught and Professional Learning
Leigh Bjorkvoll Director of Teaching and Learning Undergraduate
Dr Carol Hickman School Administration Manager
Catriona MacDonald Depute Head of the School of Education
Catriona McDonald  Head of Early years and Childhood Education
Prof Peter McGeorge Head of Counselling, Wellbeing and Educational Psychology
Dr John Mynott Head of Initial Teacher Education
Dr Jackie Ravet  Director of Research 
Dr Dean Robson Director of Teaching and Learning Postgraduate 
Dr David Smith Head of the School of Education

Head of Departments 

Prof Yvonne Bain  Head of Postgraduate Taught and Professional Learning 
Catriona McDonald Head of Early Years and Childhood Education
Prof Peter McGeorge Head of Counselling, Wellbeing and Educational Psychology
Dr John Mynott  Head of Initial Teacher Education
Dr Jackie Ravet  Director of Research


Administration Team

Central School Administration

Dr Carol Hickman School Administration Manager; Athena Swan Co-Lead
Sharon Palla Depute School Administration Manager
Lorna Thomson PA to Head of School; School Secretary
Anne Malcolm Receptionist

Academic Support Staff

Wendy Arthur         School Administration Assistant for PG Autism and Learning, PG Cert Gaelic Medium Education and MSc Studies in Mindfulness
Patrycja Bromm School Administration Assistant for MA in Education
Rosemond Cochrane  School Administration Coordinator
Katherine Cross School Administration Assistant for BA Childhood Practice and MEd Early Years
Tracy Collier  Technician
Joyce Michie School Administration Assistant for Counselling Skills and Sixth Century Courses
Heather McAteer School Administration Assistant for MEd Inclusive Practice, TQFE, UG BAPD
Jonathon Reading Technician
Catherine Simpson School Administration Assistant for Online Access
Livia-Ina Tanasie School Administration Assistant for PGDE Primary and Secondary
Karen Thomson School Administration Assistant for Masters In Education (MEd)
Emma Wallace School Administration Assistant for MSc Leadership in Professional Contexts, Work Based Project and MSc Person Centred Counselling


Sarah Milne School Administration Coordinator for Research

Partnership Support Team 

Wendy Laing School Administration Assistant
Catherine Simpson School Administration Assistant
Sharon Smith Senior School Administrator 


Ray Addison Marketing Manager
Rosemond Cochrane  Marketing and Communications Coordinator 
Jacinta Malikebu Graduate Trainee, Marketing and Brand Development


Programme Directors


Amy McFarlane  MA in Education Programme Coordinator
Dorothea Scherer BA Childhood Practice Programme Coordinator
Mary Stephen   BA Professional Development Programme Coordinator


Susan Black Counselling Skills Programme Coordinator 
Dr Kirsten Darling McQuistan MEd Inclusive Practice Programme Coordinator 
Catherine Francis  PGDE Primary Programme Coordinator 
Flossie Guidi PG Cert Gaelic Medium Education Programme Coordinator
Faye Hendry  PGDE Secondary Programme Coordinator
Catriona McDonald  MEd Early Years Programme Coordinator
Neil McLennan MSc Leadership in Professional Contexts, Into Headship and Middle Level Leadership Programme Coordinator
Dr Peter Mtika  MEd Flex Programme Coordinator
Prof Graeme Nixon MSc Studies in Mindfulness Programme Coordinator 
Sandra Paterson Med Pastoral Care, Guidance and Pupil Support and Work Based Project (MA) Programme Coordinator
Dr Jackie Ravet  PG Cert Autism and Learning Programme Coordinator
Anne Smith  MSc Person Centred Counselling Programme Coordinator
Stephanie Thomson PG Cert TQFE Programme Coordinator

Online Access

Alan Grieve Online Access English Coordinator
Brenda Harden  Online Access Maths Coordinator


Dr Elizabeth Curtis  Director of Post Graduate Research 
Dr David Johnston Director of Post Graduate Research 


Prof Pamela Abbott Chair in Education
Prof Donald Gray REF Outputs Lead
Prof Yvonne Bain Personal Chair




Dr Aileen Ackland Senior Lecturer; Programme Director Community Learning and Development
Christine Aldred Lecturer
Jennifer Alexander Lecturer, ITE
Vanessa Alexander-Reaper Lecturer, Early Years
Terry Ashton Tutor, ITE
Leah Athanassopoulos Teaching Assistant, Counselling
Elena Bain Teaching Assistant, Counselling



Adele Barber Lecturer
Dr William Barlow Lecturer; Lead Tutor: Drama
Leigh Bjorkvoll  Lecturer; Lead Tutor: Sciences; Director of Teaching and Learning (UG)
Susan Black Lecturer; Counselling Undergraduate Coordinator
Elise Boyle Research Assistant; ITE
Caroline Breyley Lecturer, ITE
Victoria Burnett Lecturer; ITE


Nantia Chatzitheodorou Lecturer, ITE
Dr Colin Christie Lecturer
Sarah Cornelius Senior Lecturer
Susan Cowie Lecturer, ITE
Dr Elizabeth Curtis Lecturer; Director of Postgraduate Research


Dr Kirsten Darling-Mcquistan  Lecturer; Programme Director Inclusive Practice
George Drew Lecturer; Senior Personal Tutor; Lead Tutor: Computing 
Brenda Dunn Lecturer, Early Years


Thomas Ferguson Tutor, ITE
Laura Ford Teaching Assitant, Counselling
Laura Fowler Lecturer, ITE
Katrina Foy Lecturer; Disabilties Coordinator
Catherine Francis Lecturer; Programme Director PGDE (Primary)
Mhairi Freeman Lecturer


Mary Gilchrist Tutor, ITE
Dr Archie Graham   Lecturer
Prof Donald Gray  Lecturer; REF Outputs Lead; Athena Swan Co-Lead
May Gray Lecturer, ITE
Dr Maria Gregoriou Lecturer
Alan Grieve Lecturer; Online Access English Coordinator
Flora Guidi Lecturer; Programme Director Gaelic Medium Education


Angelika Hallman Teaching Assistant, Counselling
Brenda Harden Lecturer; Online Access Maths Co-ordinator
Faye Hendry Lecturer, Programme Director PGDE Secondary
Fraser Hepburn Lecturer, Science; Convenor for Recruitment (Secondary)


Dr David Johnston  Lecturer; Director of Postgraduate Research; Lead Tutor: English


Terpsichori Kaltsouni Teaching Assistant, Counselling
Marion Kerr Lecturer, ITE


Janine Lowe Lecturer; Tutor: Home Economics


Catriona MacDonald  Senior Lecturer; Deputy Head of School of Education
Lindsay MacDougall Lecturer
Roderick MacKenzie Lecturer, ITE
Elizabeth McClure Lecturer, ITE
Catriona McDonald Senior Lecturer; Programme Director Early Years
Amy McFarlane Lecturer; Programme Director MA Education
Isabella McIntyre Lecturer PGT
Neil McLennan Senior Lecturer; Director of Leadership Programmes
Nicola McNally Teaching Fellow, Counselling
Dr Helen Martin Lecturer; Lead Tutor: Maths
Sarah Mitchell Lecturer, Counselling and ITE
Annette Moir Lecturer, ITE
Janet Mowat Lecturer; Counselling Skills
Dr Peter Mtika  Senior Lecturer; Programme Director Masters in Education
Aloyise Mulligan  Lecturer
Dr John Mynott Senior Lecturer, Head of Initial Teacher Education


Lisa Nais Lecturer
Prof Graeme Nixon  Senior Lecturer; Programme Director Studies in Mindfulness; Lead Tutor: RMPS
Sheila Nutkins Senior Lecturer


James O'Neil Lecturer, Lead Tutor: Music
Stephanie O'Reilly Lecturer, Lead Tutor: Social Subjects


Ian Parkin Lecturer, Professional Learning Leadership
Sandra Paterson  Senior Lecturer; Programme Director Pastoral Care, Guidance and Pupil Support; Director of Work-Based Projects
Julie Pose Teaching Assistant, Counselling
Laura Puhalak Teaching Assistant, Education


Dr Jackie Ravet Reader; Programme Director Autism and Learning; Director of Research
Louise Robertson Lecturer, ITE
Dr Dean Robson  Senior Lecturer; Director of Teaching and Learning (PG)


Nejla Sahin Teaching Assistant, Counselling
Colette Savage Lecturer, Mindfulness
Dorothea Scherer Lecturer; Programme Director Childhood Practice 
Dr Rachel Shanks  Senior Lecturer
Andy Simpson Tutor, ITE
Carol Smart Teaching Assistant, Counselling
Anne Smith Teaching Fellow, Counselling
Prof David Smith Senior Lecturer; Head of School of Education
Ingrid Stanyer Lecturer
Mary Stephen Senior Lecturer; Study Abroad Coordinator; Programme Director Professional Development
Lorna Stewart Lecturer; Convenor for Recruitment (Primary)


Andrea Taylor Lecturer, Early Years
Dr Stephanie Thomson Lecturer, Programme Director TQFE
Sarah Tosh Lecturer, Early Years


Joanna Vadenbring Lecturer, ITE
Anne Valyo Tutor, ITE


Janet Watson Lecturer, Counselling Skills
Iona Watt Lecturer


Kathleen Young Lecturer, ITE
Alyson Young Lecturer
Yvonne Yule Tutor, ITE
Research Students


Shahrzad Ardavani


David Barnard
Joe Bezzina
Heather Bond
Elise Boyle Espinosa
Julie Bray
Susan Brimmer


Ainsley Carnarvon
Nantia Chatzitheodorou
Katheleen Cronie


Anna Dako


Tracy Edwards
Seham El Saiti


Catherine Francis


Moira Godfrey
Christopher Gray


Bisrat Kabeta
Sara Kadir
Ali Kaleeba Bakali
Terpsichori Kaltsouni


Maisara Maisara
Elizabeth Mcclure
David Mccuske
Annette Moir


Emmi Naja
Rafidah Nizar
Esther Nyaga


Jennifer Obbard
Owen Okie


Laura Puhalak


Helia Rahbarikorroyeh
Pavithradevi Ramasamy
Tracy Robbie


Nejla Tugcem Sahin
Alison Speakman


Anna Teitz
Atrid Tonna


Assel Zhakim

Athena SWAN - Bronze Award logoRecognising commitment to the advancement of gender equality in academia.

The School of Education is committed to the advancement of gender equality and opposes all forms of inequality and discrimination. 

As a school, we aspire to the principles of the Athena Swan Charter and are currently seeking to adopt these principles in our policies and practices. We were the first School of Education in Scotland to achieve the Athena Swan Bronze award and are now working towards the Silver award.

The Athena Swan initiative was developed by the Equality Challenge Unit (ECU) in 2005. It was set up to address gender inequalities in Higher Education, including those arising from discrimination, underrepresentation, the gender pay gap, barriers to career progression and the use of short-term contracts, as set out in the Athena Swan Charter (2005). 

Our Athena Swan ‘Self-Assessment Team’ (SAT) is led by Prof Donald Gray and Dr Carol Hickman and includes representatives from our staff and student body.  The work of the team is wholeheartedly supported by the wider school community. 

Please read more about Athena Swan here.