Ruth IrwinProfessor Ruth Irwin - Head of School of Education

Education is a site of great change. It is at the leading edge of cultural reproduction, and plays an important role in ‘producing’ the next generation. The School of Education at Aberdeen has great strengths across a range of areas, particularly Online learning, Inclusive education, Environmental education, Early years, Creativity, and Counselling.

Education in Aberdeen is recognised as a national and international centre of excellence for creative and innovative thinking and practice in the field of professional and inter-professional learning and development.

It contributes to the development of a world class education system in Scotland through excellence in teaching, research, and innovation.

Covering initial teacher education, adult and community education and the continuing professional development of teachers and related professionals, Education continues to receive significant government funding influencing policy and informing practice across Scotland and further afield. A wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are offered which take account of national policies and priorities, and are flagship programmes in terms of innovative pedagogies and often involving technology-enhanced learning. 

The School is located in the MacRobert Building on the Kings College Campus. Innovative use is made of technology to support distance learning partnerships in both teaching and research, nationally and internationally.